Assessing The Tool Of Assessment

itemThis post is an elaboration of #2 from a list of things I’ve learned late in life.

Assessing the tool of assessment is the first step of assessment.

Prior to the understanding of the microscopic dynamics of neurons, the brains of cadavers were prodded and poked at with nothing uncovered that would suggest anything other than the widespread assumption that the folds of gray matter merely housed an immaterial agent of beliefs and the will. And this was intuitive. After all, we feel like we are more than neurons; that we are an immaterial soul that transcends the prison of our physical existence. In conjunction with our intuitive feelings of soulfulness, the nature of this soul was usually defined by a top-down ideology, most commonly a religion.

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Brain Challenge (1)

The 12 images below are word maps generated at with bodies of text from various well-known historical, literary and cultural sources. The larger the font of a word, the higher its frequency in the source. See how many of the sources you can identify. There is a bit of a Western bias. Answers are at the bottom of the post.
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