God’s Equal

An interesting story concerning the claims and powers of alleged gods.


True Altruism

martyrsQuestion. Is it more altruistic to sacrifice your life for others or a belief while believing it is your only life to give, or to sacrifice your life with the understanding that you’re headed to an afterlife in which you’ll live forever with pleasures of all sorts as reward for your earthly sacrifices?

Isn’t it time to revisit history and modify our list of true “martyrs”?

The Inscrutable Jehovah

absurdityTheism begins with a commitment to absurdity. It revels in mysteries, embraces paradoxes, and wallows in warm credulity while reason is buried in a mudslide of illogical affirmations. It sees no need to apologize for belief where the evidence is not only absent, but also contrary to claims.

Theism trains the credulous in the art of illogicality by unabashedly positing incoherent notions of god that require the complete surrender of rational faculties. Some such common theistic notions among Christians are listed below.

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Biblical Promises

fluffMany of us were told when we were kids that God has promised to do many things on behalf of those who believe in him. After years of studying the bible and Christians, I now strongly believe that all biblical promises to supernaturally alter the lives of Christians have conclusively been broken. There is no effect of a promise made by the bible that falls outside a placebo effect. And this is not a trivial claim. Most Christians will tell you that God, through the bible, has made many promises that should alter their behaviors and physical worlds. I tend to agree. There are many biblical verses that appear to be clear promises of spiritual causes for real world effects. Here are a few such promises to consider.

  • Prayer will result in miracles.
  • The gift of the Holy Ghost will give you power over sin.
  • The gift of the Holy Ghost will allow you to correctly prophesy.
  • Christians are are far less apt to be deceived due to the Holy Ghost.
  • Christians are happier than other people.
  • Christians make wiser decisions than do other people.

How many of these candidate promises do you think are clearly stated in the bible?
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Judge Jehovah Demands Euthyphro’s Wife Be Raped

Last Thursday, Judge Jehovah, the only judge in Absurdburg, delivered from the bench an edict that shocked many in the community. The edict stipulated that Euthyphro, a local philosopher, have his wife taken from him, and be given to a man named Christopher McCredulous to be raped in the park across from the courthouse in full view of the entire town.
  • Thus says the Lord: I will bring evil upon you out of your own house. I will take your wives while you live to see it, and will give them to your neighbor. He shall lie with your wives in broad daylight.

    (2 Samuel 12:11-14)

    This was in the context of King David’s sin of adultery and murder of the woman’s husband.
    Note how the women involved in this situation suffer much more than the one actually deserving punishment.

McCredulous performed the rape as stipulated in the edict Sunday afternoon while Euthyphro wept, restrained by 2 police officers, and as the town looked on. When finished, McCredulous was asked by reporters whether he felt any guilt or shame after committing such an act. “Who am I to question a legal edict uttered by Judge Jehovah himself?” he responded. Do you think you would obey a biblical command even if it went against your moral commonsense? Is taking someone else’s wife and raping her in broad daylight moral because the wife has been taking from that man and given to you to rape?

Is a legal edict legal because a judge utters it?

Is a moral act moral because a god commands it?
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Jehovah And Rape

rapeImagine that your country is invaded or taken over by a group of religious fanatics. These fanatics enter your home, and point guns at you and your family. They give you a choice. You can either accept their god-based government, or be shot. You ask for a list of their divinely-inspired laws. Your 2 young daughters tremble with fear as you carefully read through each law. You eventually come to one that says…

Any adult male who rapes a young female that is not engaged must pay the father of the girl $51, after which he must marry the girl.

Upon reading this, would you…

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God’s Checklist

Just a few biblical incoherencies for you to ponder. And if you’d like to correct any doctrinal assumptions he employs, first send me the standard of hermeneutics you use to interpret the bible. No ad hoc plugs without submitting such a standard. The bible is not a free-for-all unless you side with postmodernists. The doctrinal assumptions in this video are very mainstream.