God’s Checklist

Just a few biblical incoherencies for you to ponder. And if you’d like to correct any doctrinal assumptions he employs, first send me the standard of hermeneutics you use to interpret the bible. No ad hoc plugs without submitting such a standard. The bible is not a free-for-all unless you side with postmodernists. The doctrinal assumptions in this video are very mainstream.


Pregobbled Gobblers

gobbleWe’re never going to fly. At least that’s what the scientific turkeys pecking about in the next coop would have us believe. To me, it’s demeaning. As if we are no better than chickens. These gobbling scientists go on and on about things they could not possibly know. Things like mortality. They suggest there’s no evidence for immorality, when common sense tells us all that we each possess an avian soul that will someday molt these flightless bodies, and become eagles, soaring into the eternal sky. Why would we possess wings if this were not true? The High Gobbler has clearly delivered to us the faithful oral tradition how this, our destiny, is assuredly awaiting those of us who have sufficient faith.

The scientists, in contrast, gobble that there is no evidence that we are all, by nature, eagles, and suggest that we are genetically more similar to chickens! They’ve also ruffled more than just a few feathers this autumn by denying the existence of the Triune Eagle-Gobbler-Spirit after whose likeness we were all created. They claim to have solid evidence backing their claims. May they die of avian flu.
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Unbroken Divine Promises? – An Invitation

dryleavesThe God of the Bible has made several promises. These include the following.

  • The promise to lead believers with the holy spirit “into all truth”.
    [ John 16:13 ]
  • The promise to supply all the needs of Christians.
    [ Philippians 4:19 ]
  • The apparent unconditional promises to answer believers’ prayers the way they expect.
    [ Matthew 17:20 & 21:21; Mark 11:24; John 14:12-14; James 5:15-16 ]

I contend that these promises are most commonly interpreted into meaningless gibberish by Christians so that a world where the promise is fulfilled would appear no different from a world where the promise is broken. In doing this, Christians, in effect, make their omnipotent god impotent at best, and either a liar or a fiction at worst.

I’d like to challenge Christians to assess these promises, define them in a way that does emasculate them, then specify in a comment below how a world in which these promises are fulfilled would appear different from a world where these promises were broken. Continue reading

Deconversion Stories

The following are deconversion stories of individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

  • Youtube user DasAmericanAtheist

  • Youtube user LovingDoubt

  • Youtube user DrixDZanth. Former Evangelical Christian / Former Well-read Creationist.

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Reasons for my Deconversion

typewriter(First distributed among Christian friends in November of 2008.)

I have recently been asked by several individuals to detail the reasons behind my deconversion from Christianity to my current position of agnosticism. As a preface to this, I’d like to state my general disposition towards Christianity.

I spent over 25 years as a Christian, and for most of those years I was quite happy. I forged many significant relationships, and learned much while within a Christian community. I do not feel, as do some non-believers who have never been on the inside, that Christians are, as a whole, evil people intent on forcing their agenda on others. I do, however, believe that most Christians are uninterested in an honest inquiry into what is true due to vested interests of various emotions. I will detail these emotions later.

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