Which Side Of Reality?

I recently received a note from a very nice Christian that contained the following.

No matter who has wronged you as a Christian or how God has disappointed you that you work so hard to explain Him away, He still loves you and wants to live with you forever. So do I!

Please forgive me for offending you.

I responded as follows.

No problem, ——.

I once said the very same things to others.

As you know, many gods have been explained into existence, and the christian god takes many forms in the imaginations of its emotionally needy constituents.

Pause to think about your motivations. Would you want to live in a world where there was no god? Do you want to live in an immoral world that has no moral accountability?

Your reactions to these questions are also based on the lies that you have been taught, coupled with your imagination and a lack of interest in empirical data.

Your entire concept of self and of others is informed by the bible and your emotionally based imagination.

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Deconversion Letters

deconvertsA few excerpts from short letters of former believers.

I went to bible college, majored in Religion & Philosophy, became ordained to the ministry, spent two years in missionary work…

I am no longer a Christian. My conversion from faith was painful and slow, and I think I have learned some things about why religion is so powerful.

My whole frame of reality had to be restructured. The whole fabric of existence seeemed to tear to shreds. Yet it was a very positive experience, motivated by reason and nothing else.

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So any questions I might have had were because God was so intelligent and far above me that I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I only began soul-searching when my friend (now husband) began asking me questions that I couldn’t answer.

I’m far freer and happier than I was in my guilt-inducing Bible days.

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The Skeptic Community Welcomes Another

The following is a post I found on the blog Unreasonable Faith. It is refreshing to see how older skeptics have offered support and encouragement to younger skeptics just emerging from a variety of faiths. The number of intelligent young deconverts who are leaving their faiths for reasons well-considered is quite exciting. I recommend reading the original post and comments found at the link below.

Coming Out of the Skeptical Closet

Hi everyone. I’m the student who wrote the letter posted above. I wanted to thank you all for your tremendous support. I wrote this letter to Daniel late last night, curious for his and the community’s responses. I had expected only a few comments, but I was totally surprised to see close to 100 replies!

As I had mentioned before, losing my community troubles me the most. I’m comforted to see that others have traveled along this same path. I’ll look into charitable organizations. Upon some of your suggestions, I might even try an atheist/agnostic group once I get out of school. Who knows, there may be a group for ex-Christians in my area since I’m in the Bible Belt.

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Historical Nonsense In The Bible

The Incoherent Time Line of the Gospels

By John L Armstrong     [ blog ]   [ youtube ]

While this demonstrates the Bible does not reconcile with history, the strongest arguments against the claims of Christianity are the logical inconsistencies such as the claim that we deserve Hell for sins wholly emergent of a nature that we did not choose. If it was God’s or Adam’s choice that gave us a sin nature, then to say that acting upon that nature is culpable is illogical. If there are logical inconsistencies, any proposed historical evidences of the truth of Christianity can be dismiss unexamined as we can dismiss the notion of a square triangle before examining any alleged physical evidence for one. Peruse the category of “counter-apologetics” found in the column on the right for more on these logical failures of Christianity.

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Dog Leaving Christianity

Sometimes people ask me what it’s like to leave christianity. This video is the best explanation I could find.

  1. Convince yourself that the god you’re enthusiastically chasing is real.
  2. Deny the fact that others watching you chase this god from the perspective of reality see something a bit ridiculous.
  3. Finally get up to chase this vision of god in the real world.
  4. Run headlong into the wall of logic and reason.
  5. Sheepishly wake up to reality.

A Young Deconvert

deconvertLast week, a bright young former Evangelical who has recently garnered quite a bit of attention on Youtube invited viewers to send him questions. So I asked him “What emotional ties to Christianity made it most difficult to deconvert?” The following is a transcript of his response. Continue reading

Saving Sheep

sheepIf buying a $5 lottery ticket every day made someone you cared about happy, would you go out of your way to dissuade them from wasting their time and money?

I would. It’s not that I feel under any obligation to do so, but rather out of a deep sadness when speculating who that person could become if they only diverted that wasted time, money and cognitive resources towards education or self-improvement.

This is the attitude underpinning my efforts to encourage the relinquishing of ideological assumptions and the reassessment of commitments to a particular religious faith or ideology.
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