Laughing At Self

funnyI was once an actor in a situational comedy. It was called “Phil, the Teen Years”. It was based on the premise that this kid gets thrown into life without a clue. It was a big hit among my abusive schoolmates and others who happened to stop and point and laugh at the high-resolution screen of my life.

It was such a big hit, it has now entered its 4th season (PHIL – THE PHOURTIES). And though the humor has become slightly more sophisticated, it is still essentially one big gawfaw.

I enjoy the acting. Each evening after filming, I go home and replay each take. I really can’t help but laugh out loud.

Some of my fellow actors have unfortunately developed what the industry calls “existential angst”. They attempt to hi-jack a perfectly hilarious script and make it a melodrama or action-adventure.

I slapped one such friend recently, and told him Continue reading