On Epistemic Assumptions (Quora)



Where Truth Begins

Don’t pretend to be a truth seeker if you begin your quest with any of the following assumptions.

  • Truth will be comforting to me. Truth will place me on the pleasurable side of existence, unlike the depravity of wild animals. Truth correlates to happiness.
  • Truth will include an objective purpose for my life. There is no way I am as purposeless as a turkey on a turkey farm.
  • Truth will not run against my intuitions. My mind is not prone to self-deception (as are the minds of most of world’s other humans).
  • I have the mental capacity to find truth within my lifetime. Truth is necessarily within my reach. I will not end up having to say “I don’t know” in response to many epic questions.
  • I don’t need to rigorously assess my mental and emotional disposition and capacity before I begin my search. I was designed to be a truth-seeker.
  • I was born with the necessary tools to discover truth (critical thinking/probability/logic). I will not need to acquire any additional skills to process the data correctly.
  • Truth can be accessed by flipping a “faith” switch. At some point after examining the immediate evidence, employing “faith” will be a legitimate way to transcend insufficient evidence to arrive at truth.
  • Truth will be found in a discrete package of answers, rather than incrementally. I’ll uncover a canned truth that will eliminate the need to continue my quest for truth.
  • Truth will be accompanied by a manual for me to live my life. Truth found in this manual will be focused on humans, is benevolent, and comes with a standard for behavior.

These are all assumptions that have no place in the mind of a genuine truth-seeker. These assumptions, like all others, must remain outside a skeptical mind until there is evidence that warrants their acceptance.

Sorry. No illegitimate short-cuts.

Nonquestions And Assumptional Leaps

nonquestionsRavi Zacharias, a prominent Christian apologist has said “There are four fundamental questions in life; origin, meaning, morality and destiny.” He then goes on to suggest that only God is big enough to give a satisfactory answer to these questions. Watch Video

I’d like to address the status of these fundamental questions.
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