Abstract Art Exhibit

Hey everyone. I’m having another art exhibit at Heartland Bar starting today. These 3 pieces are a sampling of the 10 colorful abstracts hanging now in Heartland just to warm up the winter season a bit. Things get warmer in March when these abstract prints come down and female nudes go up. I’m using 10 different models from 10 different countries. Both should be good shows, but the 2nd one will melt your icicles. For those of you in Tokyo, I hope to see you there.



Heartland Photo Exhibit

all10bEnjoy art? Beginning February 1st, I’m having an art exhibit for the full month of February at Heartland Bar in Roppongi Hills, located in downtown Tokyo. Because Valentine’s Day is drawing nigh, the theme is romance/intimacy, and includes the photos on the right. If you’d like to stop by some evening, contact me at philstilwell(at)yahoo(dot)com a day ahead of time, and I’ll see if I can meet you there. If you’re lucky, you might maybe you’ll even meet the models! I’m having a party at Heartland Bar for my friends on Saturday, February 7 starting at 19:00. It will give you a chance to see the photos and chat with many interesting people. For my photo art, check out seductivemist.com. Cheers, Phil

Postscript: Over 60 guests attended the party on the 7th. It was a great time! The exhibit was extended from 2 weeks to 6 weeks due to its popularity. Now it’s time to think of a new project…”