Speak The Truth And Accept The Consequences

itemThis post is an elaboration of #1 from a list of things I learned early in life.

It’s not that I believe lying is immoral. It’s just highly counter-productive to most worthy goals. Let me add some substance to this.

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Excluding Happiness

Everyone divides their social world into two domains. One of inclusion and one of exclusion; the people they feel comfortable interacting with, and those people they avoid. In high school, many of us were not very inclusive due to the many insecurities that abound in a hyper-hormonal and ill-defined dynamic social context.

altruismlowThese insecurities may have included

  • a fear of self-revelation and subsequent ridicule,
  • a need to position one’s self in what then seemed like a superior social group and to disassociate yourself from the “uncool”,
  • and a need to define one’s self in contrast to the enormous bulk of “idiots” that you’ve relegated to the domain of exclusion.

If these insecurities are carried into adulthood, the bulk of one’s social interactions remain in a diminished space in which a great many positive experiences must be forfeited. Continue reading

Split Loyalties

splitI feel like an anthropologist. My ability to exude at will what looks like stupidity allows me to freely approach the natives of many tribes nestled within the jungles of Tokyo. This innocuous and noncompetitive persona is especially attractive to some of the more affluent and celebrated of the jungle who have need of a dependable side-kick now and then. And I’m not gritting my teeth when I assume that role. I’m about as competitive as a bulldog in a greyhound race.

The reasons for this are varied, but the largest is my belief that girls can make up their own minds. My type of girl can easily sniff out the single whiff of honesty through the stench of deceit in a room of 200 indistinguishable males. Whenever I have a new romantic prospect, I introduce her to my better-looking, more-affluent and sweeter-talking male friends. If she attaches herself to one of them because he’s a better match, I’m quite content to have introduced them. If she attaches herself to one of them out of gullibility, I’ll have passed her on without experiencing any of the drama that would have no doubt later occurred. I’ve had considerable success with this strategy. So this uncompetitive nature allows me to mingle with even the more aggressive alpha-males within most tribes.

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