It was a great year of blogging! I’ve learned a lot about myself through the process of writing, and highly recommend it to all of you who enjoy self-discovery. Below you’ll find total views for each post for from synapse to byte from the beginning of the blog in December of 2008 through December of 2009. I still find spelling and grammar mistakes in my posts long after they’ve been posted, so if you’d me so kind as to point those out to me, I’ll laud your virtues in a post sometime.

Views Title
486 Reasons for my Deconversion
247 Sin Nature? Request For Clarity
202 An Interesting Thread
189 Heartland Photo Exhibit
170 Negative Apologetics
139 Becoming Japanese
112 Teeth, Sex And Demons
111 Your Girlfriend’s Name
111 Non-Hedonistic Egoism
98 Atheist/Theist Exchange on TAG
94 Excluding Happiness
83 Victims Of Vagueness
80 Exploring Absurdity
80 Manual For Pseudo-Scientists
78 Angry Yellow Bridesmaids
77 The Non-Overlapping Magisteria Myth
73 Life – BBC Documentary On Cells
69 The Emasculated Bible
68 Cause/Effect #4
67 My Kids
64 The Best Sex Is With Someone You Love
62 Cherry-Picking The Apologists
60 Apologetics Thuggery
59 Don’t Hide Yourself
56 The Misaligned Possessions Of Japanese H
56 Jerks and Genes
53 Tokyo Connectivity
53 Aesop’s Fables Proven Infallible
53 A Long Life And Its Joys
52 Science And Faith
51 Blood On The Yamanote
50 Things Early, Things Late
50 The Push And Pull Of Emotional Gnomes
47 The Undeniable Existence Of Miracles!
46 Night Out
46 Loving Mayor Demands Immunity On Child A
46 Historical Nonsense In The Bible
45 Irrational Exuberance
45 Is DNA Code?
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