Nine ways to stay emotionally healthy

1: Daily enjoy the beauty of simply being alive. Humbly acknowledge there are likely millions of humans who, due to circumstances beyond their control, do not enjoy the freedoms and pleasures daily available to you.

2: Meet at least one new person every week, and explore their emotional perspective on life. Compare it to your own emotional disposition to assess whether you can make improvements. 

3: Weekly assess the extent of your emotional development over the years. Acknowledge both your progress and deficiencies. 

4: Take regular inventory of all your more negative emotions (especially bitterness and jealousy), and decide whether their existence will be beneficial to you in any way in the future. 

5: Give something to a stranger every week, preferably someone in need. This can be a heartfelt compliment to someone looking down, or perhaps a bit of cash for someone you suspect is homeless.

6: Eliminate inessential relationships with everyone who emotionally fatigues you. This includes anyone who attempts to “guilt” you into accommodating their desires, and those whom you’ve attempted to emotionally help, to repeated failure. 

7: Cry unashamedly in compassion for real people at least once every week. This can be accomplished through the real stories of your friends, great historical movies, podcasts such as “This American Life”, or written stories. 

8: Find someone to love (romantically or platonically) without the expectation of anything in return. If you discover you are expecting favors from them in exchange for your affection, make the necessary changes to your emotional disposition. 

9: Include several persons in your life with whom you can honestly exchange humble advice on how to make personal improvements. These friends will be essential to your emotional growth.

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