Larry Taunton and Betrayed Friendship

[Posted originally on the Unbelievable Facebook group page.]

Evidences that Christopher Hitchens may have been on the verge of conversion to Christianity based on the recent interview with Larry Taunton.

1. He took road trips with Christians.

2. He sat respectful while Christians shared the Gospel.

3. He asked many questions about Christian beliefs.

4. He complimented his opposition on their presentations.

5. He did not agree with all atheists.

6. His social views were opposed to mainstream atheist views.

7. He changed his mind on several issues.

My god! I must be also on the verge of conversion to an ideology I publicly claim is absurd!


Hint: If a nonbeliever sits respectfully and listens to your arguments, becomes your friend, compliments you frequently, and looks like he is honestly assessing the arguments, don’t be the fool and misrepresent his mind after his death. Doing so is only indicative of what kind of friend you actually were.

Unless someone actually says they are contemplating a change of mind, don’t suggest to the world they are or were.

This is very basic social propriety.

Like Hitchens, I identify with the 7 points above. I only hope none of my Christian friends turn out to be a Taunton.


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