The perennial theistic “oops” 

Epileptic fits used to be explain by demon possession. The persons who arrived at this conclusion could have honestly said “I don’t know”, but instead they invoked a specific untestable paradigm in which fallen angels of a particular God were causing the odd behavior of the epileptic. They defaulted to one unsubstantiated explanation, and conceded the actual explanation only after it became far too obvious to ignore. There was no apology for the centuries of abuse of epileptics. Theists simply shrugged and retreated back to the next mystery in science. 
Have theists repented of this irrational, arrogant, dishonest and hurtful tactic? 

It appears not. They still hold that, since it appears to them there are no conclusive physical explanations for questions about consciousness and cosmology, they are warranted in defaulting to a god-explanation. 

Compare the track record of theist explanations against the success of the explanations of scientific consensus. Are their track records even remotely close to similar? No. Yet theists would have us start each assessment of each new mystery as if there was no track record to inform our expectations of the correct type of explanation. No epistemic humility nor rationality. Only an irrational pride in the sound of their own affirmations with an imagined God at their back. 

How long will this go on?


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