500 Witnesses?

There is an old book that claims some man claimed that 500 individuals claimed they saw Jesus resurrect. (1 Corinthians 15:6)

Imagine I go before a judge, and he asks for my alibi on the night a store was robbed of 5 televisions matching the 5 televisions found in my garage. I show the judge a letter from an unnamed and unreachable friend (the gospel authors are unknown) who affirms that I was playing video games with him the night in question, and that there are also 500 other unnamed witnesses who would also have been able to make the same claim…had they not died last week.

But it gets worse. Here you have 500 alleged witnesses of a man resurrecting from the dead, and not one of them bothered to write it down or report it to people who could write it down? All the gospels were written years after the alleged resurrection. There was no literate person among these 500 who allegedly saw what should have been the most amazing event of their lifetimes? Really? Then you have one man years later claiming to have been a witness finally writing it down, and tossing out, not a list of names to contact for validation, but merely the number 500 as “evidence” for the resurrection? Come on.

This reference to 500 “witnesses” is still being thrown out by Christians as “evidence” of the resurrection. And this is being done under the noses of apologists who could, but don’t, point out the clear vacuity of the claim.

You can’t claim to have a rational ideology when you fail to correct such nonsense committed under your noses.


2 thoughts on “500 Witnesses?

  1. As far as witnesses to a man risen from the dead…How many sightings of Elvis have there been since his death in 1977? So much for reliability of “eye” witnesses.

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