The Failure of Moral Systems

I’ve concluded that any type of moral calculus falls generally into one of 2 categories.

  1. An attempt to personally avoid excessive guilt for emotion-based decisions in lose-lose situations.
  2. An attempt to give your own emotional dispositions greater obligatory weight in society by showing others they are not following the moral calculus you’ve proposed.

I don’t believe there is a moral realm in which moral facts can exist. Ultimately, we make decisions based on values that our emotions construct. We cannot escape the fact that emotions are the motivation behind every decision, with rationality only a slave to those emotions.

That’s why I, instead of promoting a fabricated moral system, choose to promote positive emotions (coupled with rationality) since positive emotions have been demonstrated to produce the most cohesive societies. There is no obligation in this. I personally find cohesive societies emotionally attractive, and I can therefore form such a society with others sharing empathy and my desire for a healthy society.


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