Think before you Leap

The steps in choosing a lover are…
1. find a non-imaginary man/woman
2. carefully assess whether they are worthy of your love
3. chose and love them only if they are real and worthy of your love.

The steps in choosing a god are typically…
1. choose and love some god (commonly the god of your parent and/or geographical region)
2. carefully assess whether that god is real (optional)
3. carefully assess whether they are worthy of your belief/love (optional)

Millions are currently walking around loving an imaginary god. Don’t let that be you.

Here are ways to carefully assess the existence and worthiness of a candidate god BEFORE you believe in that god.

A. Does that god stand by while millions of innocent children suffer?
B. Does knowledge of that god come through direct and unequivocal communication with that god, or through some “holy” book that has led to thousands of sects and mutually exclusive doctrines?
C. Does that god “fulfill” his promises in a way completely in line with what we would expect if that god were imaginary?
D. Is that god so emotionally incontinent it thinks the smallest sin deserves eternal torment?
E. Has that god ever commanded grown adults to slaughter innocent infants or, instead of condemning slavery, provided laws to govern slavery?
F. Do the “miracles” of that god decline as the scrutiny of scientific observation increases?
G. Do the proponents of that god encourage belief in that god by young children before those young children have been taught how to properly assess gods and how to tell the difference between the feeling of certainty and scientific certainty?
H. Does the “holy” book of that god encourage you to believe things to a degree that is not warranted by a corresponding degree of evidence?
I. Does the justifications for that god require the introduction of additional unsubstantiated and unparsimonious entities for balance such as a “devil”, “angels” and “demons”?
M. Is that god “loving”, yet decides the “punishment” for offenses is eternal, in stark contrast to the punishment of actual loving parents?
N. Is that god so mathematically illiterate that he thinks 3 days of death pays for the “deserved” eternal punishment of offenders?
O. Do the defenders of that god wave away legitimate questions about that god’s moral character or potency by invoking the “mysterious” nature of that god?
P. Can the relationship between humans and that god be explained by the natural capability and propensity of humans to self-deceive?
Q. Has the history of belief in that god led to or stifled scientific/medical curiosity and advances?
R. Is the “holy” book of truth of that god written rigorously, or written so vaguely that it has been able to have been used to justify nearly every atrocity under the sun?
S. Do those who believe in that god have any greater self-control as evidence by reduced rates of divorce and obesity?
T. Does the “holy” book of that god absurdly claim that those who have never heard of that god are guilty of rejecting that god?
U. Is there an inverse correlation between followers of that god and those highly educated and skilled in rational thought?
V. Do proponents of that god attempt to insulate believers by banning the exploration of opposing ideas?
W. Is the only way to that god said to be “faith”, yet those who have “faith” can’t agree on what “faith” actually is?
X. Is the presence of that god largely experienced in an emotionally-rich context of singing, ritual, and the closing one’s eyes to recede into one’s own mind rather than a very clear open-eyed viewing of that god?
Y. Is that god “unchanging”, yet has a history of ordering the killing of infants, the taking of female virgins by theocratic soldiers, and the endorsement or silence of issues of slavery and polygamy that believers dismiss as irrelevant since they happened when that god was younger?
Z. Is that god extremely powerful, yet need your money?

These are just a few of the questions that should be asked about any candidate god BEFORE deciding to believe in that god. Don’t trust anyone who tries to encourage you to believe without assessing both the existence and worthiness of any god.

The bulk of scientific thinkers do not believe in a personal god. God believers with tell you that this is because they are in rebellion against their pet god. They are liars. Simply befriend a few scientific/rational thinkers. The world becomes a whole lot more beautiful once you understand the power of reason.


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