On Arguing without Arguments

I recently had one Christian apologist respond to my arguments, not with counter-arguments, by saying…

“I don’t know of a single position that doesn’t have able defenders to the contrary….In any case, there are plenty of philosophers who would tear your position to pieces and plenty who would swear it is true.”

When I take the time to lay out an argument, I most certainly don’t need to be told that not everyone agrees with me. I need to be told why you disagree. That’s all. I present an argument. You present a counter-argument.

Rational discourse is not about seeing who can cite the most or loftiest thinkers on their side. It is presenting the arguments. If you don’t understand the arguments enough to present them yourself, don’t throw out appeals to authority. If you find someone else who disagrees with me, and you think their argument has merit,20130630-193135.jpg distill their argument and present it. If you don’t understand their argument, don’t declare that you have companions on your side of the issue, then think you’ve said anything important or have contributed anything other than fluff to the dialog.

The only thing that matters in rational discourse are the arguments. Have some or sit down.


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