You Know

So the Almighty God of the universe decides He wants to communicate His desires to humans.

He could presumably just appear walking beside you, and after doing a bit of magic to convince you that He is who He claims, tell you directly what He wants you to know.

But, no. Instead, He chose to write a book…well, He actually dictated a book to a few special humans since, in His divine mysteriousness, He can not write it Himself.

Now you might question whether the humans claiming to be transcribing what the Almighty God dictated to them might be actually pulling your leg. Don’t. It might only cause you unnecessary cognitive dissonance that would spoil that happy faith you hold with pride and absolute confidence. The truth is that, for us to have the joy of exercising faith, this Almighty God made the communication of His all-important truth suspiciously dependent on the inherent vagueness of human language and on human transcribers with enormous imaginations.

You’ll also not want to ask how clear and precise this Word of Truth is. You might be tempted to assess its clarity by counting the number of ways in which It is interpreted, the number of consequent disparate doctrines, and the number of resulting sects. Don’t do it. Instead, think about the certainty with which you believe. This certainty does not emerge from your emotions. It come from Almighty God who is granting you, yes you, the ability to correctly interpret His Word of Truth.

Don’t ask about a consistent standard of interpretation by which we can faithfully interpret this Word of Truth that was most certainly spoken by Almighty God millennia ago. Sure, we need a user’s manual for complicated things like vacuum cleaners and blenders, but this Word of Truth found in a book handed to you by humans down through the ages is crystal clear. When you read it, simply pray, and Almighty God will make it all clear to you. Everyone else may get it wrong since they do not have the depth of communion with God you do. You know God is real because you feel God is real. You have a personal relationship with him in your heart. It is not a delusion. It is not emotional. It is, of course, a delusion for those others who believe in a different god, but not you. You have been specially chosen by God Almighty. He has graced you with His presence, and now you can proudly tell the world about your relationship with Him, and the correct way to interpret The Book.

Don’t let others question the way Almighty God has chosen to answer your prayers. It is very clear that the prayers of those foolish persons of other faiths never get past the ceiling, but your prayers are always answered. Always. Oh, sure, God may choose in his grace to answer with a “no” or a “maybe” or a “later”, but, rest assured, He did answer you prayer. The skeptics may claim that His answer is identical to the probabilities inherent to a material universe, but you know deep in your heart, that dependable filter of truth immune from self-deception, that He did indeed answer your prayer.

You feel He is real. You know He is real. No evidence to the contrary can take that from you.


2 thoughts on “You Know

  1. Catherine says:

    I can’t believe I used to think like that. I finally woke up out of the loop that kept playing in my mind, about God being real etc, and realised it was all just a simulation playing out in my imagination. When the penny finally drops, boy does it drop…………..very good article Phil. :)

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