Gods and Dogs

If divine “justice” is to have any meaning, its definition must be independent of God’s actions. You can’t have a man claiming to be “just” towards his dogs, then torturing every one of his dogs that barks. In like manner, you can’t have a god claiming to be “just” then claiming the definition of “just” is any divine action such as eternal torment for infractions as natural and unavoidable as selfish thoughts.

Why would it be unjust to torture our dogs when they bark? It’s because nearly every dog barks. They can’t help themselves. We might punish the dogs we love if they, for example, urinate on the floor since dogs can be taught not to urinate on the floor (learning is not possible if we kill them out of wrath), but who would consider it to be “just” to torture until dead any dog who barked?

It is a dog’s “bark nature” to bark. How do we determine this? We consider the percentage of dogs that have ever barked. I’m guessing this is around 99%. This percentage is what we use to inform our assignment of the term “nature”. Dog’s do indeed have a “bark nature”. So we do not torture the dogs we love for barking since it is neither just nor loving. Their culpability for barking is determined by the degree to which barking is avoidable to them. This sets their culpability quite low.

Therefore, if our response is to be just, we will certainly not be torturing our dogs until they are dead, especially if, on top of our claims of being just, we also claim to love the dog. (Note that the fact that we are in this context “righteous” in that we don’t have a “bark nature” in no way justifies our torturing creatures that do.)

We don’t even torture them until dead for something slightly more avoidable such as urinating on the floor (provided that our claims we love our dogs are actually true).

So how about human “sin nature”? What percentage of humans “sin”?

100%. The bible tells us so. We most certainly do have a “sin nature”.

So to what degree is “sin” avoidable to creatures with a “sin nature”?


How much culpability can we assign to an unavoidable action?


How much culpability does the biblical god assign to “sinning” in accordance with your unrequested and unavoidable “sin nature”?

Enough to torture you forever.

Let’s stop pretending the god of the bible is anything close to just and loving.


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