An Apologist Named Vekl

With apologists like this working so hard to embarrass christianity, I think the future looks rather bright for reason. These are comments spawned by a Youtube video a christian named Vekl posted.


“…deserve hell for eternity” [a quote in Vekl’s video]


“why do you say that it’s absurd? Do you think you deserve heaven for eternity?”


Vekl, consider carefully the illogic in your statement. Do you actually think not deserving hell implies deserving heaven? Now consider what makes christians, who presumably have the “spirit of truth”, blunder so badly on simple logical concepts.
There is no evidence of a spirit guiding you into truth. Don’t you think it is time for you to abandon the absurdity of your faith that condemns you to make such simple error in logic, and come to reason?


It makes perfect sense that a non-believer who is not filled with the Spirit of God would make such arbitrary claims. You don’t know about the Spirit which is why you say. The bible makes it very clear that NO MAN is worthy of heaven becuz of sin. So all have fallen short of the glory of God. This includes YOU too!!!


Vekl, Simply take a look at your statement in response to my claim that the notion that we deserve hell is an absurdity. You clearly stated…

“Do you think you deserve heaven for eternity?”

Now either you are attempting deceit, or your are ignorantly employing illogic. Since I want to think you’re a nice guy, I’m going with the latter.

Now, consider whether any spirit of truth would allow you to make such a simple logical blunder.

Your spirit of truth clearly does not exist.


You say that the Spirit of truth doesn’t exist, huh? So tell me, what ‘logic’ do you base that upon? If truth doesn’t exist, then by what authority do YOU have to make such arbitrary claims? According to your logic, you have no rational leg to stand on.


Vekl, you’ve just committed your 2nd logical fallacy. No one said truth does not exist. I’m saying that truth does not exist within you, a rather informative observation since you claim to have the spirit of truth. Please don’t intentionally and deceptively invent words for me. I want to think you’re a nice guy, but a bit deluded.

You do not possess any spirit of truth as evidenced by your illogic.


You yourself just committed a logical fallacy by the statement you made. It’s called ‘begging the question’. You are yet again making arbirtrary claims that are not substantiated. You have no basis to tell me WHY you assume that the spirit of truth is not in me. Don’t just tell me that I don’t have it. PROVE IT!!!! Can you as an atheist prove that the spirit of truth is not in me? C’mon, let’s see it!!!!


Vekl. Pay attention this time. You claim to have the spirit of truth. You committed 2 logical fallacies. The spirit of truth, should he exist or should you possess him, does not deal in logical fallacies. Therefore you do not have the spirit of truth or the spirit of truth does not exist.

Any logical fallacies you imagine me to make can never rescue you from your own failure. That would be to fallaciously imagine my illogic makes you logical. Learn a bit of logic before invoking it.


You are not making any logical sense at all, guy. I think you’re just wanting to argue with someone just so that you can hear yourself argue. LOL!! Just what in the world are you bothering me for, anyway? I’m still waiting for you to make logical sense of what it is that TRYING to argue defend. Come on with it, already! What SUBSTANTIAL reason do you have to make the claim that I do not have the spirit of truth?


The shame of illogic is indeed a tough pill to swallow, so let me provide the fluid of a syllogism.

P1. Anyone who has the spirit of truth will not commit gross logical fallacies.
P2. You committed gross logical fallacies.
CONCLUSION: You do not have the spirit of truth as you claim.

Now simply swallow and stop suggesting you represent anything close to truth.


lol!!! AGAIN, you have not at all substantiated this claim of yours. You are telling me that I do not have the spirit of truth, but yet you refuse to (and you’re also incapable of) tell me how is it that you know this? AGAIN, you are begging the question which is logical fallacy. You are failing MISERBALY in having a truely logical discussion. Now try again, and this time, bring the beef!!!


lol!!! AGIN, you huv nut at all substantieted this claim off yors that I donut hve ze Spirt of Spelling.

It is like having a junkie, in the midst of his high, demanding proof that he is high.


3 thoughts on “An Apologist Named Vekl

  1. Bolgoarth says:

    I feel like Proverbs 26:4 is appropriate here, yet given it’s inherent contradiction, I’m not sure how helpful it is ;-) I’d lean to following the 1st part of it…

  2. j2inet says:

    I saw an interaction between him and Evid3nc3. Overall he “screams his opinion with his ears covered.” He made a video in response to one that Evid3nc3 made and raised a challenge to provide support for something. Evid3nc3 provided a reference with supporting information and Vekl refused to look at the information but continued to assert that Evid3nc3 had provided him with none. It’s an unusual yet pointless interaction.

  3. Here you’ll find a debate between Vekl and myself.

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