The Spirit of Truth?

The following is a recent statement made by a university educated christian.

If I believed evolution to be true, then I’d have to agree that some method of eliminating or sterilizing the less evolved would be best for humanity.

Christians claim to have the “Spirit of Truth” guiding them in their lives. But where is this spirit? The same christians who claim to have this guiding “Spirit of Truth” spout statements as the one you’ve read above, seemingly without embarrassment or any recognition of their irrationality.

Proverbs 26:4-5 says the following.

Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself.
Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes.

What’s a rational thinker to do?

Let me be the fool this once and point out to this irrational christian what is obvious to those who are actually committed to honest rational thinking. At least we can demonstrate that there is no evidence of this “Spirit of Truth” in his statement, and that he may want to consider the way his words are reducing the evidence for such a spirit among those claiming to be christians.

First a reminder of what he stated.

If I believed evolution to be true, then I’d have to agree that some method of eliminating or sterilizing the less evolved would be best for humanity.

  1. Why would you have to agree that elimination of the weak is best? Does the businessman who believes in free-market economics and the competitiveness that goes along with it need to forfeit all humane considerations and agree that businessmen should necessarily become ruthless? Foolish thought. Businessmen are not the market. You’ve taken the dynamics that apply to the larger phenomenon, and are imagining the same dynamics apply to the constituent. This is logical fallacy #1.
  2. You’ve also implied that, because things are a certain way, they must be a certain way. Why? Why should we not strive against the dynamics of evolution rather than for it? Where does this “ought” come from? All you have is and “is”. An “ought” cannot be derived from an “is”. This is logical fallacy #3. Neither you nor Hitler “has to” agree that this is the “best” course for humanity. Richard Dawkins has said “I would like to live in the sort of society that is not run on Darwinian principles.
  3. Evolution does not center around humanity. Humans do. Humans, not evolution, can decide what is best for them. Evolution does not care about the future of humanity. You are imagining that evolution is a teleological process with some goal in mind. This is logical fallacy #3.
  4. The previous teleological fallacy entails yet another fallacy; the pathetic fallacy. You are assuming that, because conscious humans can assign purpose to something, unconscious evolution also can. It cannot. Evolution does not have a standard of “best” it is striving towards. It only unconsciously fills ecological niches. This is logical fallacy #4.
  5. You also are assuming that, if some natural phenomenon exists, then it is good or right. This is called the naturalistic fallacy. Just because evolution is true does not mean its effects are to be accepted as good and should therefore be pursued or encouraged. This is logical fallacy #5.
  6. Logical fallacy #4 above demonstrates that you possibly have no idea what evolutionists claim. You certainly got the teleological notion wrong. Or perhaps you did know the stance of evolutionists and are dishonestly attempting to distort their argument. If so, then you have built yourself a strawman. This is logical fallacy #6.
  7. If, on the other hand, you honestly had no idea what evolutionists actually claim about evolution, you are only guilty of the final fallacy of intellectual laziness, for even a cursory inquiry into the concepts of evolution would make it clear that evolution is not teleological.

This particular christian who made the statement from which we’ve easily extracted at least 5 logical fallacies strongly affirms he committed no logical blunder. Where is his “Spirit of Truth”? The only spirit evidenced here is a Spirit of Delusion.


Later from the same thread that began with the quote by the christian above, a second christian posted the following.

…if we evolved from fish …why are there still fish? are they the slow ones?

I responded with…

If our post-industrial economy evolved from an agrarian economy, why are there still agrarian economies?

To this the original christian responded with…

So if an economy evolves, people evolve?

Answer a fool…

The original comment was suggesting that Hitler committed his atrocities due a belief in evolution and that such actions are somehow inevitable when one hold evolution to be true. Any madman can distort any truth to justify an atrocity such as was done by slavers who believed the biblical account of the curse of Ham. However, this video sheds some significant light on Hitler’s motivations.


3 thoughts on “The Spirit of Truth?

  1. This post is rather disingenuous. You claim that I assume things I have not assumed, that I imagine things I have not imagined, and then you argue against what you say I assume and imagine.

    • I’ve assess your opinion for logical coherency. It was as follows.

      If I believed evolution to be true, then I’d have to agree that some method of eliminating or sterilizing the less evolved would be best for humanity.

      I’ve taken your words at face value. If you didn’t mean to give the impression your words gave, chose your words more carefully next time. We don’t need careless utterances floating around, especially on the topic you addressed.

  2. Bolgoarth says:

    Mr (Dr?) Smith, I’d be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt if you’d explain where Phil’s analysis is a straw man and further fleshed out your quote. It is certainly sophomoric on the surface.


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