This post is devoid of opinion, and simply relates 4 personal anecdotes. Feel free to respond with relevant opinions.

  1. A few years ago, a friend suddenly accused me of hitting on his girlfriend. A few days after assuring him I had no romantic interest in his girlfriend, my girlfriend informs me he had hit on her.
  2. Last summer I was in pretty good shape for a 49-year-old. A team of rugby players asked me about my “regimen”. I told them about my short, systematic workout every morning. They replied “riiiiiight”, then winked. Only later did I realize they thought I was taking steroids as many of them might have been.
  3. A decade or so ago, my girlfriend asked me whether I ever thought about leaving her. I thought she simply needed reassurance, and I told her honestly that I had never considered leaving her. She left me a few weeks later.
  4. When I was an innocent 19-year-old virgin, I was in love with a very lovely girl whose father pulled me aside, smirked, then informed me he knew what I was really after. A year later it was revealed that he had been molesting her.


5 thoughts on “Over-Projecting

  1. Bolgoarth says:

    I found 3 opinions:

    -“in pretty good shape for a 49-year-old”
    -“an innocent 19-year-old virgin”
    -“a very lovely girl ”


  2. Bolgoarth says:

    My pleasure :-)

    In reading your 4 anecdotes, I’m struck by how often you’ve been in these types of circumstanes and wonder what you’re doing to creat them :-)

  3. Paul Wallace says:

    Interesting post, Phil. More often than not, when someone tells me something kind of odd or out-of-the-blue or gossipy or hurtful, I assume it’s about them.

    Hope you’re well.

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