The Lack Of Belief In Gods

An excellent clarification of “atheism” “faith” and “belief“.


4 thoughts on “The Lack Of Belief In Gods

  1. Bolgoarth says:

    Qualiasoup churns out another excellent video.

    I’d be curious how Matt from the Atheist Experience would react to this video as it pertains to his “binary belief” argument.

    • Agreed. And I would have liked Qualiasoup to have made it a continuum of degree of belief rather than simply adding another category of “indeterminate”.

      • Bolgoarth says:

        I concur, Phil.

        And here’s an analogy as to why I fall into your camp on this.

        Color could be binary according to Matt’s argument: Red or Not Red.

        • True. Perhaps a better example is the color green. Here in Japan they call the “go” signal at a stoplight “blue” though its wavelength is identical to what Americans call “green”.

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