Abstract Art Exhibit

Hey everyone. I’m having another art exhibit at Heartland Bar starting today. These 3 pieces are a sampling of the 10 colorful abstracts hanging now in Heartland just to warm up the winter season a bit. Things get warmer in March when these abstract prints come down and female nudes go up. I’m using 10 different models from 10 different countries. Both should be good shows, but the 2nd one will melt your icicles. For those of you in Tokyo, I hope to see you there.




3 thoughts on “Abstract Art Exhibit

  1. simon says:

    Hey, I don’t know anything about art, but some of those are interesting to my naive eye in terms of colour and composition. You might not like to answer in this forum, but any comments on how and why you created them?

    Will you be at Heartland some time while they are on display? I might drop in some time.

    • Hey Simon,

      The abstracts as well as the female nudes up now will come down Sunday afternoon. So you have only one more day to stop by.

      When I create art, I focus on trying to simply create something my eyes and mind has never seen before.


  2. simon says:

    Ahhh, if I caught this on Friday, I could’ve dropped by. Next time then.

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