A Few Random Thoughts

  • I‘m sitting in a warm Starbucks in the middle of Tokyo on a Tuesday afternoon in the middle of a row of 4 computer users who are doing the following.
    1. trading stocks
    2. building websites
    3. blogging nonsense
    4. creating 3-D avatars

    I wonder what the 4 of us would have been doing 200 years ago….

  • I’d like to die at the height of living doing something I really enjoy. My departure from Tokyo, if it ever comes, will be a micro-death. I hope it will come when my life here has reached its apex. This certainly does feel like an apex…

  • I wonder how incomplete I would feel if I did not have 3 great kids…

  • I remember being very shy in high school, but when mentioning this to my current friends, I found few believers. Last week, a girlfriend from when I was 17 found me on Facebook and confirmed I had been very reserved. Those who claim you can not change your core personality are those who never change their core personalities.

  • After organizing one of the most amazing parties on Sunday, and serving as the designated Cupid, I still find myself without a girlfriend. It’s been a while. Am I too picky? Or blind to the virtues of someone already close to me?

  • I’m a generalist to the core. I seldom cry for individuals, but I find myself regularly crying for humanity in general. We are so susceptible as children to the ideological nets of childish adults who need the validation of our agreement to alleviate their own insecurities. However, there is sufficient cause for cautious optimism with the advent of a more global culture.

  • Why do I live so comfortably in a city known for its workaholism and materialism? I guess it is similar to my attending parties where I politely pass the spliff on…

  • I’ve been without a television for 8+ years. I must say I’m very pleased with the results. But I have noticed a cultural gulf between myself and other Americans that will probably affect my social life should I ever move back stateside.

  • I’ve reach an odd point in my life where I sometimes actually hesitate when asked my age. I first recall that I am either 38 or 48, then reason that, because I cannot remember, I must be 48.

  • Is there any other city in the world where a day in a coffee shop is almost always guaranteed to produce a romantic encounter for those so inclined?

  • The raw material world is such a more beautiful place than a world of artificial and invisible constructs that arise from run-away emotions. Learning to properly assess and self-regulate emotions yields far greater happiness in my experience. We have no souls. There is no sin and accompanying deserved condemnation. There is no higher purpose. The beauty of accepting our material and and consequently vulnerable being far surpasses that of any proposed by supernaturalists.

  • Is it possible that I’m so content with life that death is now simply irrationally afraid to cut its losses? I do sense I need one final long-term focus of my romantic affection. Perhaps death is waiting for me to take this risk.


One thought on “A Few Random Thoughts

  1. Eric Seaholm says:

    I enjoyed reading these random thoughts. Interesting.

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