God’s Equal

An interesting story concerning the claims and powers of alleged gods.


2 thoughts on “God’s Equal

  1. Mike Antonelli says:

    Interesting story and even slightly entrtaining but not particularly compelling or convincing. Main reason why is: proof won’t come in our life on this planet. If it exists, it will come after we die. So this whole scenario in this sound bite is kind of odd

    That’s also why there is a thing called faith and it works for some and not for others. If it were as easy as God coming down and showing every one of us exactly who he ( or she ) was and what he or she can do, there wouldn’t be much of a life journey left for us would there ?

    No one can scientifically prove there is a god and no one can scientifcally prove there isn’t a god.

    And as they say at the craps and roulette table : ladies and gentleman, place your bets !!

    • If, however, a concept is demonstrated to be illogical or absurd, then we are entirely warranted in dismissing that concept. I’ll never bet on the existence of a square triangle.
      You’ll find what I consider to be the illogicality of the Abrahamic god in my other posts.

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