Wasted Miracles

chanceThe other day a friend told me an amazing story. She had been shopping all afternoon for a new camera, had found one she liked, and had asked the sales clerk to ring her up. At nearly the very moment she was to sign the credit card, a friend called her and asked what she was doing. When she replied that she was just about to purchase a camera, her friend emphatically told her not to sign the credit card. The friend had a quality camera that he had been planning to give her. Amazing, right!

The following Sunday, my friend attended church and testified to the amazing way the Lord had been working miracles in her life. The entire congregation praised God for the clear signs of his power, and marveled that there were unbelievers who could deny such miracles. One unbeliever who was attending confessed that he had finally seen evidence that God was real, and got on his knees and surrendered his life to the Lord.

No, actually the entire last paragraph is a lie. My Japanese friend, in spite of her amazement, attributed it to mere chance. However, had this happened to an American Evangelical, the last paragraph would have been entirely plausible.

This raises an interesting question. If this is truly a “miracle” rather than mere coincidence, why would God be wasting his miracles here in Japan where they are so grossly under-appreciated?

If you take a look at such “miracles” statistically, you’ll notice that they occur suspiciously with the same frequency the world over. Why does God go so far out of his way to map his “miracles” onto probabilities?

Just a thought.


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