Machida Madness

biketripI‘m in Machida. When I left my apartment on my bicycle last night, I had no intention of being in Machida at 7 am, but here I sit juicing up on caffeine, and waiting for the shops to open. I stopped at Heartland Bar last night around 10 pm for one glass of wine, then left around 11 pm for my favorite Zest Restaurant near Shimokitazawa at which I can plug in and geek out all night. I left Zest around 3:30 am, feeling good and thinking I might ride around Shimokitazawa just to enjoy the cool morning air. Then I spied a road I had never been on, and decided to explore a bit. It was headed in the direction of Tama River, so I decided to give it a go. Whenever I came to one of the several forks in the road, I pointed my bicycle in the direction of a most excellent full moon. I stopped briefly at a 24h McDonalds for an energizing 200 yen Big Mac, and to verify my location on Google Maps. I was in my euphoric night mode in which I don’t sit on my bicycle seat, but rather pump madly away at the petals while listening to my stimulating science and philosophy podcasts. Then I saw a sign that said “Machida 20 Kilometers”. Years ago I used to teach 3 gaggles of housewives every Saturday in Machida. I remembered that the clothing shops in Machida are very reasonably priced which led to to the unreasonable decision to pedal myself here. I had forgotten about the many narrow roads and mountains. However, here I am successfully situated at another McDonalds drinking coffee and starting to dread the ride back home. But I’m actually feeling quite genki, and I’d like to hit the Brazilian festival in Yoyogi Park this afternoon, then go to a Russian masquerade party tonight…if I survive the ride home.

Below is a photo of last night’s moon taken with my 15x zoom camera.


One thought on “Machida Madness

  1. Mike Antonelli says:

    Sugoi !! On the other hand, I had one of my J friends ( older guy ) take me to a boring hostess bar for awhile. God I hate those places. ( That was after HL ). I was hoping I could escape this two year assignment without ever having to go to a hostess bar but unfortunately he ruined it for me. ( HA HA HA HA HA HA )

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