Deconversion Letters

deconvertsA few excerpts from short letters of former believers.

I went to bible college, majored in Religion & Philosophy, became ordained to the ministry, spent two years in missionary work…

I am no longer a Christian. My conversion from faith was painful and slow, and I think I have learned some things about why religion is so powerful.

My whole frame of reality had to be restructured. The whole fabric of existence seeemed to tear to shreds. Yet it was a very positive experience, motivated by reason and nothing else.

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So any questions I might have had were because God was so intelligent and far above me that I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I only began soul-searching when my friend (now husband) began asking me questions that I couldn’t answer.

I’m far freer and happier than I was in my guilt-inducing Bible days.

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I was a born-again Christian, totally sold on the infallibility and inerrancy of the “Word of God”.

When you have spent 10 years of your life in a church believing with all your heart and soul you have the truth and no one else has it, and you are so convinced you have the truth you would even die for it…

A person had to totally empty himself of any prior beliefs and start over, even if he had to begin with the basic question of…

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I recently became an unbeliever through my own study of the Bible.

However, when I discovered on my own that biblical inerrancy is untrue…

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I was involved with a church, born again, and accepted Jesus as my savior…

Christianity is based on one thing…

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During that time — but especially after having children — I was very serious about living the Christian life and I studied the Bible to learn how to live it.

I know that my very existence, as a Christian who rejects the faith based on knowledge of the faith, is threatening…

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I am a former Pentecostal minister who has studied apologetics since I was 14…

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2 thoughts on “Deconversion Letters

  1. AllThingsToNoOne says:

    These are great. I have also deconverted and while I miss certain aspects of that life, I don’t miss the futile attempts at prayer, constant questioning, and anger I felt at god. I just read this book., which was very enlightening. A great read.

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