The Skeptic Community Welcomes Another

The following is a post I found on the blog Unreasonable Faith. It is refreshing to see how older skeptics have offered support and encouragement to younger skeptics just emerging from a variety of faiths. The number of intelligent young deconverts who are leaving their faiths for reasons well-considered is quite exciting. I recommend reading the original post and comments found at the link below.

Coming Out of the Skeptical Closet

Hi everyone. I’m the student who wrote the letter posted above. I wanted to thank you all for your tremendous support. I wrote this letter to Daniel late last night, curious for his and the community’s responses. I had expected only a few comments, but I was totally surprised to see close to 100 replies!

As I had mentioned before, losing my community troubles me the most. I’m comforted to see that others have traveled along this same path. I’ll look into charitable organizations. Upon some of your suggestions, I might even try an atheist/agnostic group once I get out of school. Who knows, there may be a group for ex-Christians in my area since I’m in the Bible Belt.

There’s one important thing I’ve learned in my deconversion process that I forgot to mention in my letter. Since deciding that I would no longer believe in any religion, there has been an overwhelming comfort and ease to my mind. I no longer have to worry about some invisible being always watching my actions. No longer do I have to care about living by a certain standard. No longer do I have to fear for my soul or the souls of everyone I encounter.

I’m slowly going to continue telling people about my loss of faith. Thanks to some of your suggestions, I’ll continue in the religious group, but I’ll ease my role and presence there. I’ll tell my very close friends first about my journey, but I’ll hold off telling people that weren’t as close. If they’re nosy, I’ll have an answer for them. As for my parents, I think I’ll hold off telling them until I have to. I’m not sure how others’ parents are, but I know for certain that my mom would be devastated.

I think there’s a largely growing group of people like me in America. I look forward to seeing how things change over the next decade. Thanks for your comments and support!


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