Predators And Their Rules

wolf“Who are you kidding? You’re no lamb” the wolf snarled through teeth oozing drool while facing the hound through the fog.
“That does not make me a wolf” the hound retorted and held his ground as the herd shifted nervously behind him.
“What business do you have defending creatures not even of your own species?” the wolf growled.
“What business do you have preying on the innocent simply for the sake of sport?” the hound replied. “It’s not as if you haven’t eaten recently.”
“I provide a service” the wolf said while staring aloft in an attempt to add dignity to his words. “I provide sheep with the scars that liberate them from their pathetic innocence.”
The hound eyes blazed. “And those that limp around life never recovered from their wounds? I also provide a service; to inform those I feel compassion for that you are a dishonest beast only interested in their consumption.”
“Where is your loyalty?” the wolf snarled. “Carnivores ought to share the available prey, and not snitch out those who might be wolves.”
“Were I to consume your pups, would you hold to your rule?” the hound inquired. “You’re merely conjuring up arbitrary rules in an attempt to advance your own ignoble agenda. Having fangs does not make us the same as yours are predatory, and mine are reserved for tearing apart your flanks should you ever pursue any lamb I have chosen to protect.”
Snarling one last innocuous time, the wolf slunk back into the fog.

Moral: Don’t even think about taking advantage of my friends and family.
Motivation: Recent exchanges with wolves I tolerate, but do not respect.


One thought on “Predators And Their Rules

  1. Stella says:

    Bingo.”Turn the other cheek” MY ASS!!!

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