A Long Life And Its Joys

long lifeLife is long.

Not for everyone, but certainly for those who step away from the usual and expected.

Those who drop themselves in a current of change will soon lose count of the changes.

And each change stretches the memory of the series of dynamic selves ever longer until a year is a decade and a decade is forever.

I am everyday amused at the expressions of those to whom I reveal a former self quite disjointed from my current self: The disfunctionally shy and aimless boy, the sincere yet tormented young man of faith, the carpenter cowboy, the weaver of fantastical tales for my wide-eyed progeny, the euphoric academic late bloomer, the occupational dilettante, and now the curmudgeon-flavored connoisseur of the eccentric.

Life has been spectacularly amazing.

And it just keeps getting better.

I can’t imagine being someone else. But I can imagine my equally adventurous friends as equally unimaginative.

Life rewards the fearless. The greatest fear is the fear of change; not of external change, but of inner change.

Be willing to reassess self at every dramatic or traumatic juncture, and initiate such junctures if life offers too few.

Remember that identity is constructed. The sincerely you can be a process of refining that admits of its essence no permanence; a frightening notion for most, but one that will wring from life enormous satisfaction emergent of nothing but the fact of a dynamic essence.

Lament the human condition, yet do not absorb unwarranted guilt. Love the world, but know the limits of such love. Learn to quickly relinquish those who cannot relinquish their despair so as to avoid losing fire. Burn warmest for the few who choose to huddle their own embers around you.

Rebuke those who, be it out of arrogance or ignorance, suppress the spirits of life and adventure in themselves and in others. Disparage faith. Demonstrate the efficacy of reason in its defeat of the debilitating passions and enslaving ideologies. And learn. Absorb the thoughts of others, then retain only the cogent and coherent. Disparage faith.

Deem life an experiment, the only one for which a lifetime has time for, then watch life splinter brilliantly into an spectrum of shimmering lives, each with its unique joys, and with each consecutive brilliant hue only more amazing than the last.

And every once in a euphoric while, pen meandering poetic commentary.


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