The Hard Way

the hard wayWhen magician James Randi demonstrated that he could bend spoons just as self-proclaimed psychic Yuri Geller did, he made it clear he was not denying the possibility that Yuri indeed had the supernatural powers he claimed to have. James merely stated “If Uri Geller bends spoons with divine powers, then he’s doing it the hard way.”

Christians may also be employing divine power to bend their lives into something respectable. However, they are doing it the hard way. The “magic” of critical thinking is available to all without invoking fairy tales. And Christians’ invocations have been shown to produce results significantly inferior to the magic of critical thinking in areas such as divorce rates, incarceration rates, and obesity rates. Other studies have shown that their intercessory prayers have no effect on the infirmed beyond what the magic of modern medicine can accomplished.

Yet there is just something much more compelling about the mystical than is slight-of-hand. Admitting that we have been fooled by another mortal is much less palatable than the notion that there may be other more mystical powers out there to assist us in the bending of reality to accommodate our desires. So millions continue to conjure up imaginary friends instead of taking full personal responsibility for the bending of their lives into something meaningful.

It does, however, appear the wind has picked up, with gusts of blue reason lifting away the smokey haze of incensed delusions in many societies around the world.

I can almost breathe again.

Youtube Video of James Randi Bending Spoons


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