Celebrating The Human Condition

I‘m taking a break from being grumpy. It’s time to celebrate the human condition. View the clip below. Susan Boyle, a woman who has allegedly never been kissed, gives an incredible vocal performance. But it is not just Susan that moves me. It is everything human about the context; the musicians, the composition of the song, the response of the audience, all the strange traits that make us emotional humans. I often rant against emotions when they form the substrate of an ideology, but I warmly celebrate them here in this singular majestic manifestation of humanness.


One thought on “Celebrating The Human Condition

  1. Rohn says:

    You know, I have seen this throughout the week. I am often baffled at how we have allowed ourselves as a society to value the external packaging of all things transcendent. It takes a view of a gifted woman like this to remind us that we all have worth and substance if only we allow ourselves to shine beyond the labels.

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