The Mystery Of The Missing Miracles

waterHow God has adjusted the balance on conversions.

I’m not quite sure why, but miracles have not been faring too well in this age of science. Remember back before science started snooping around? You had miracles nearly every day in some form or other. It was a leper healed here, someone walking on water there. And you didn’t have some skeptical mind trying to apply some rigorous criteria for verification or whatever they call this newfangled scientific methodology that comes outfitted with excessive statistical analysis, probability theory, and the like. We just believed what we saw. Or at least what the butcher’s wife said that her cousin’s plumber said about the afternoon he saw Jesus wither a fig tree in a fit of anger. This is the biblical scientific method. If it was good enough to convince the Crusaders to risk their lives in the killing of the ungodly, it’s good enough for me.

Christians today are in a bit of a logical quandary. Not that they’ve noticed. Logic has never been a necessary component of blind faith in fiction. Humans and their self-deceptive minds have long been able to find a semblance of happiness within an incoherent position. But let me outline the dissonance Christians are attributing to merely the annoying background hiss of logic that they can simply ameliorate with an increase in the volume of their scriptural rhetoric.

  1. Christians cannot claim that miracles no longer occur, for their holy book clearly states that, not only would God perform miracles in the lives of Christians, but Christians themselves would be able to perform miracles. And it is actually quite specific about what kind of miracles are possible. If the Bible is the authentic word of an honest God, we should be witnessing miracles today.
  2. They cannot claim that everything that happens is a miracle. That would only emasculate the promise of God into meaninglessness.
  3. The only thing that remains is to say that some things are miracles, and other things are not miracles. However, once this is said, there will have to be justification for the distinction; a consistent litmus test to distinguish common occurrences from divine intervention. However, once Christians have committed to such a litmus test, miracles are within reach of the tools of science, and the promise of miracles is subject to falsification.

Simply ask a Christian what the Biblical definition of a miracle is. They don’t know. If they pretend to know, the introduction of a couple scenarios is sufficient to send them retreating behind obfuscation and exegetical contortions. If you do receive any substantive response, take it to the Christian around the corner, and you’re sure to get a different answer.

This is a far cry from the commendable confidence Christians in centuries past had in assessing the existence of miracles. It used to be confidently asserted that a man struck by lightning had been struck due sin. And not only was the man clearly a sinner, but the type of sin could be ascertained by an examination of the wound. What has happened to this form of confidence? Has lighting become merely a natural phenomenon?

Perhaps God has decided that far too many people were converting to Christianity due to the myriad of prescience miracles. He has now begun to strike people with lightning at random just to make the game of conversion a bit more challenging. Remember back when mental illness was a clear sign of demon possession and you would dunk the afflicted under water for a time to excise the evil spirits? Christianity is much less fun today ever since God has decided to modify his methodology to fall more in line with material causation as demonstrated by science. Remember the millions of Europeans who died during the plague due to God’s judgment upon sin? It simply shows how powerful God actually is to see how he has now apparently delegated the agency of diseases to more random microscopic processes, and amazingly at the very time science became capable of assessing these causes!

The alleged retreat of miracles in the face of the advance of science is merely an illusion. God is obviously just trying to keep the number of converts down to a manageable level so as to not devalue the prize of Heaven. God wants it to appear as if there are no miracles in order to harden the hearts of persons who cannot think any way but skeptically. The higher the number of such skeptics screaming in Hell, the more those with faith can appreciate Heaven. God will no longer knock you off your skeptical ass as he did Saint Paul. Heaven is only for those who employ a faith unencumbered by reason and evidence. And as we well know, such faith is among the greatest of virtues.


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