Snapshots Of A Monday

The following descriptive snapshots are all from Monday, March 17, 2009.

  • I lie in bed while tapping polemics against faith into my computer to be read primarily by Kiwis in cyberspace.
  • I grin as I consider the oddity of being an American boy slurping Italian spaghetti next to Russian girls while listening to Hispanic music in the largest city in Japan.
  • I have positioned my bicycle in a protective stance in the middle of a freeway somewhere in Kanagawa, and look down at the elderly man sprawled under the bicycle he has failed to navigate safely across the river of vicious traffic as he pulls his fingers from his chin to study the fresh blood.
  • I mix my Jamoca Almond Fudge a bit into my Mint Chocolate Chip, only to decide a moment later it was a bad idea.
  • After only half a beer, my dinner date is flushed and giggling at the base of Japan’s tallest building in Yokohama as my exhausted bicycle pants outside.
  • While listening to a physics lecture recorded the year of my birth, I note the two Japanese policemen scowling at me from the darkness as I cycle through the yellowish light.
  • My waning post-midnight attention vacillates between this blog entry and my cell phone upon which there are desperate pleas for the arrows of Cupid, a superhero cloak I’m often compelled to don.

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