Night Out

shibuyaMy Tokyo lifestyle is a bit odd these days.

  • 9 hours ago I crawled out of bed in my small apartment near Tamachi after having made myself sleep a few extra hours to kick a cold.
  • 8.5 hours ago I ate brunch at my favorite spaghetti shop in Azabu-juban.
  • 8 hours ago I had a coffee at Starbucks, signed my contract for another year at Tokyo University of Science, continued my critique of miracles on an on-line forum for christian Kiwis, and caught up on my email.
  • 7 hours ago I cycled to my favorite dance club in Ginza, and dance for 2 hours with a few Japanese friends. I was the only foreigner among 40 dancers.
  • 5.5 hours ago I cycled to Heartland Bar in Roppongi Hill where my photo exhibit is up for the final week, spoke with a few guy friends, and chatted up a couple of nice girls over glasses of red wine.
  • 4 hours ago I cycled to Shimokitazawa, about a 30-minute ride on a good bicycle, while listening to a great audio book called “Predictably Irrational“. However, halfway there, my gear cable snapped. I rigged it up where I could change gears with one hand while steering with the other, and finally made it to my favorite bar there around 3 hours ago where I had the most delicious yakitori! I had a great time chatting with the bartender, a young musician, and two pretty girls that had previously lived in Canada.
  • 2 hours ago I headed back home, a trip that took an hour on my wounded bicycle.
  • 1 hour ago I took my signed contract on my backup bicycle to the all-night post office and sent it off.
  • .5 hours ago I Facebook friended one of the girls I met 3 hours ago.
  • .25 hours ago I opened my laptop to begin this post.

  • 10 minutes from now I hope to be snoring.

For a 10 hour day, it sure was interesting!


One thought on “Night Out

  1. Jonathan says:

    Argh. Stop making me predictably irrationally jealous. (The chatting up pretty girls part. And the Shimokita part. Not the gear cable snapping part.)

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