Atheist/Theist Exchange on TAG

This lively exchange on 5 Youtube videos is between Matt Dillahunty (atheist) and Matt Slick (theist) on the Transcendental Argument for the existence of God (TAG). Both Matts are radio talk show hosts. This is only for the philosophically inclined.

I also had a comment “exchange” with Matt Slick over one of his Youtube videos. I posted a blog entry a week ago that demonstrates Matt Slick’s arrogance when dealing with non-believers, and this arrogance, while not invalidating his arguments, is perhaps a clue on why he cannot get past some concepts introduced by Matt Dillahunty that do invalidate his arguments. His primary fallacy is one of equivocation on what logic and logical absolutes are. He seems to claim that any human description of an entity (logical absolutes) that does not rely on human cognition for its existence, does, in fact, rely on human cognition since the description requires a human mind, and is therefore incoherent. Matt Dillahunty attempts time and again to point out this equivocation between the essence logical absolutes and their conception within minds.






These videos were posted by FFreeThinker on Youtube.

Here is a response posted by TheoreticalBullshit, a young counter-apologist on Youtube.





Update: September 26, 2009

And another response by ToolTime9901.


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