Irrational Exuberance

shimokitazawaIt’s 12:30 am Monday morning. Three hours ago, I was at a bar with 3 European friends. The bar staff looked a bit disappointed as two of us ordered coffee, another a mineral water, and I had cranberry juice. However, we somehow became intoxicated enough to end up talking about religion, politics and philosophy. No punches were thrown, and we even had some good laughs.

Having said goodnight, I had the sudden surge of irrational exuberance that has quite frequently possessed me recently. I jumped onto my bicycle and vigorously pedaled along a small river I cannot name to Shimokitazawa while listening to some great podcasts, then explored the vibrant street life a bit. Even on a Sunday night, the tiny bars are packed with locals merrily discussing the various weekend adventures they can claim to have survived. I quietly take it in from the dark drizzle outside. Now here I sit at an all-night coffee shop pecking happily at my keyboard.

Why the exuberance? I’m not sure. But it may have something to do with satisfaction in many domains of life; social, intellectual, artistic, as well as a growing fondness for this rather quaint metropolis as I explore its subtle but rich aesthetic.


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