The Undeniable Existence Of Miracles!

Look at the clearly visible miracles at the center of the picture below behind the five colored rectangles. You and I can clearly see these miracles, but do you know there are some who cannot? These people are often called skeptics. They have no understanding of or respect for faith, and even attempt to disparage faith as something unproductive or detrimental to a healthy understanding of self and life.
The godless would have us believe that the rectangles obstruct the miracles to a degree that they cannot be seen. However, miracles cannot be seen with ordinary eyes. If this were so, faith would have no purpose. God wants us to employ faith to assist our myopic rationality. Unless we go beyond this doubt by accepting God’s gift of faith, we will see nothing but the shadow of the rectangles. It is actually the rectangles that do not really exist. Let me address each of these rectangles that skeptics claim cast doubt on the miracles that you and I experience in our lives every day.

I am sometimes asked by doubters why there were so many miracles performed 2,000 years ago, and just a very few small ones performed today. They claim that this contrast between the numerous miracles in the days of oral tradition and the few documented miracles in these days is somehow evidence that God’s promise of continued miracles performed by and supplied to New Testament believers has been broken. How dare they question God! God can do anything he pleases. It would not be this way unless God wanted it this way. But how could anyone doubt all the miracles of the bible? There are so many! Would the doubters have us believe that the oral traditions could be that wrong? What sort of vested interests could the people in this long chain of oral tradition have had that would have made them lie? They wouldn’t have lied. They loved God! Lying is a sin, and persons who witnessed with their own eyes the miracles of God would not subsequently lie about the miracles. That would make no sense at all. In addition, if God were to knock us off our asses with light from Heaven as he did Paul, it would destroy our opportunity to experience faith. Paul was just special.
The doubters go on to say that, there is also a strange inverse relationship between the claims of miracles and the scrutiny of science. They claim that persons who have had limbs grow back are either nowhere to be found, or there is no medical documentation that they were missing a limb to begin with. I respond, “if you did see someone grow back a limb, would you then believe?” They sometimes say that would be a good start, but you and I know that their hearts are too hardened to believe God even if he performed miracles directly in front of them, and that is why he does not perform miracles directly in front of them. I personally think that, in these days in which miracles can be easily documented with technology such as digital cameras and sophisticated medical equipment, God has chosen not to perform miracles to make our faith stronger. My faith is certainly stronger because this. I can easily see with my eyes of godly faith past this rectangle of no evidence. A skeptic once suggested that this is no different than what some UFO conspiracists believe. They believe that we have not yet any hard evidence for alien abductions because the aliens want to interact only with humans who are telepathically gifted. That’s just silly. Our God is much more powerful than aliens. But it is true that the ability to see miracles is not often given to those who require evidence.
You and I both hear weekly testimonies from believers who share real stories of miracles in their own lives. Just the other day, my sister had a flat tire on a remote road in the country, and within 3 minutes, a mechanic who had just happened to be driving by stopped and helped her change her tire. How can anyone deny that this is a miracle? Well, as you can imagine, one skeptical acquaintance did that very thing by suggesting a benevolent God would not have allowed the tire to puncture in the first place, and that my sister’s inability to change tires is somehow a factor in determining whether this could be called a miracle. I told him that it would be a miracle if my sister learned to change her own flat tires. I was only half serious when I said this, but the skeptic didn’t get it, and instead when on about how daily improbabilities become more probable or even expected when given a lifetime to occur. But probability theory is too complicated to apply to something as simple as our faith in God’s miracles. If we needed mathematics to assess the veracity of miracles, we’d all be in trouble, huh? The skeptic also said something about making the existence of miracles testable though a properly conducted triple-blinded study of prayers for the infirmed and assessed statistically. But everyone knows that statistics can be used to prove anything. However, my pastor prayed for 3 bedridden believers last month, and only one of them died. There’s your statistics! The bible says that you shouldn’t test God. What right do humans have to question the existence of their creator by attempting to place him under the microscope of science? Scientists need to humble themselves before their creator rather than considering whether or not he exists!
There is also the fact that most of the world believes in God. Well, actually most of them are going to Hell since they believe in the wrong God, but at least they have faith in something! Skeptics don’t even have faith! Surely the fact that millions have believed in some kind of god over the centuries carries significant evidential weight for the existence of our God! Sorry for getting emotional about this, but it is so very clear. Many people believe it, therefore it is probably true. Skeptics attempt to counter this by pointing out other former widespread beliefs such as geocentrism and the demon possession of the mentally ill. Well, of course those beliefs were wrong. If people had read the Bible correctly, they would have know the truth about these things. The fact that nearly all church leaders held these beliefs is not important. They were wrong, and if I had been living in those days, I would have corrected them. But God answers so many of the emotional needs of humans! Does it make sense to suppose that the emotions came first and the notion of God came later? I think not! God created our emotions! The Bible is clear about this. It says that he made us in his image, and the Bible shows, for example, how jealous he is with all the stories of him killing off the bad guys Canaan. The Bible proves the Bible is true. And the millions of those with faith in God and his miracles prove that God and his miracle exist.
I’ve saved my strongest argument for last. There have been innumerable stories of miracles in churches around the world! Of course, you’ll hear of miracles performed in mosques also, but these are lies. But what answer do the skeptics have for all of these miracles all around the world. Surely they realize that they must give a “scientific” explanation in each case for you and I to even consider abandoning our faith. They can’t do it. The must show us how God and his miracles are not real. That should keep them busy. You and I can just relax in our faith and laugh at them as they run around debunking this claim and that claim, and there will always be more claims! Our faith is therefore secure from the onslaught of science and rational thought. We have an awesome God who holds the godless in derision as they refuse to take the step of faith that would allow them to easily see the blessed miracles that you and I do. God had made the foolish wise, and the wise foolish. I can’t imagine a world without God and miracles.

So whenever the skeptics tell you that they cannot see the miracles behind the colored rectangles, tell them to ignore the rectangles and focus on the miracles. If they focus on the miracles long enough with an open mind, our almighty God will make these miracles known to them.


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