The Lack Of Novelty

When you’re my age, nothing much excites you. You’re perpetually keeping a lazy eye out for some new thing that will rock your world, yet even things most unusual feel familiar.

  • Travel to a new country?
    After living in the mountains of Mexico and the city of Lima Peru, visiting several other countries and living in 25+ U.S. cities, I’m afraid the novelty of it all will wear off too soon. The notion of traveling has little appeal as I am very content in Tokyo, and do most of my exploration in my head.
  • Take up sky-diving?
    No. It seems far too similar to my divorce.
  • Go back to school?
    Now that’s a good possibility. I love to learn, and a Ph.D. would be nice. However, I’ve noticed that, having done 8+ years of schooling after high school, I’ve become a bit lazy. Well, not lazy, but disinclined to be in a scheduled program where I actually have to go to bed before 5am, and wake up before noon.
  • Get married and start a new family?
    Another possibility, but I’m “father” to too many here in Tokyo already. I’m not quite ready for more real kids. Give me 3 more decades to sow my wild oats. By that time, I’ll have enough oats to feed all the horses in Kentucky. And octogenarians are sexy I hear. I’m gonna get me one of them hydraulic muscle wheelchairs with those low florescent blue lights to impress the eligible nurses. No, perhaps after all my interesting relationships, there is no longer anyone who can knock my socks off. However, if I met a girl who…
  • Start a cult?
    You just might have something there… I could call it skinheadology and only accept nubile converts who worshiped shiny globes. No. I’ve noticed that, just having an art exhibit of nude photography is sufficient to keep life more than socially hyperactive for a month.

I guess nothing’s broke. And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


11 thoughts on “The Lack Of Novelty

  1. ophalm says:

    take psychedelics?

  2. ophalm says:

    it was a suggestion…

    um yeah I have, not lots but over my adult life have done them a few times. not trying to paint a rosy picture about drugs but they are generally very “mind opening”..

    • I’ve just had too many intelligent friends who have irrevocably messed their lives and minds up with drugs. And I feel there are too many other mind-opening real-life experiences that the effects of drug usage would diminish.

  3. ophalm says:

    well that’s an intelligent reality based decision :)

  4. ophalm says:

    haha definitely.. although that’s not really the message the blog post is trying to sell is it?

    • You’re right, but the wonderful illusions of subjectivity rarely need a chemical boost. Drugs seem like an uninventive shortcut. There’s adventure, romance, sex, and exploration of science and truth, none of which require stimulants. If I have checked off every item on my to do list in these areas by the time I’m 120, I may consider trying stimulants and start a rock band…

  5. ophalm says:

    :) just know that I do not advocate any drug use other than psychedelics :) (or any at all for that matter)

  6. Chris says:

    You should be on twitter. I’d follow you – you have interesting things to say. Why don’t you at least have an RSS feed

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