Unbroken Divine Promises? – An Invitation

dryleavesThe God of the Bible has made several promises. These include the following.

  • The promise to lead believers with the holy spirit “into all truth”.
    [ John 16:13 ]
  • The promise to supply all the needs of Christians.
    [ Philippians 4:19 ]
  • The apparent unconditional promises to answer believers’ prayers the way they expect.
    [ Matthew 17:20 & 21:21; Mark 11:24; John 14:12-14; James 5:15-16 ]

I contend that these promises are most commonly interpreted into meaningless gibberish by Christians so that a world where the promise is fulfilled would appear no different from a world where the promise is broken. In doing this, Christians, in effect, make their omnipotent god impotent at best, and either a liar or a fiction at worst.

I’d like to challenge Christians to assess these promises, define them in a way that does emasculate them, then specify in a comment below how a world in which these promises are fulfilled would appear different from a world where these promises were broken. And no anecdotes or claims inaccessible to scientific scrutiny will be accepted as you well know their impotency in addressing global phenomena that must rather be assessed statistically and with logical and scientific scrutiny to demonstrate correlation/causation.

Feel free to introduce other promises that you feel god has made to christians for which the fulfillment of the promise can be differentiated from the failure of the promise, then outline the nature of that potential differentiation.

So, to recap, the questions is, hypothetically, how would any fulfilled divine promise alter our world noticeably from a condition of nonfulfillment of that same divine promise? If you feel stronger about it, you can consider the question to be, how has a particular fulfilled divine promise altered the world in a way that is clearly different from the world as it would have been had that promise been broken?

Every comment that remains on topic will be approved.



3 thoughts on “Unbroken Divine Promises? – An Invitation

  1. churchindapub says:

    You give to many variables. Can we not just deal with one at a time?

    • Hey Churchindapub, thats for posting again.
      When you say “variables” do you mean the 3 promises of the Bible I mentioned?
      I don’t dealing with them one at a time. Which one would you like to start with?
      (Keep in mind you’ll not be allowed to make, as you have in other comments, mere affirmations of belief or to use this blog as a pulpit. State your arguments clearly, and keep them on topic. Thanks.)

  2. churchindapub says:

    Affirmations of belief?
    But what you post is affirmations of what you believe so why not a fair playground then?

    Phil -> [When I respond to someone’s blog or video, I’m not tossing out bare affirmations without the appropriate and necessary accompanying argumentation. Plus I stay on topic. You’ll be expected to do these 2 things if you wish to post future comments, something you have completely ignored in your previous comments. This playground is not a free-for-all, and I don’t have time to tag and rebuke every fluffy affirmation. This blog is for arguments, and I’m not using “argument” colloquially here.]

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