The Mystery Of The Square Triangle

mountainSome say that, just beyond the mountain, and out of range of the myopics is a triangle that sustains all life, a notion that is very emotionally palatable to myopics.

  • Some myopics strongly affirm this, and go on to state that it falls on the doubters to demonstrate that this triangle does not exist.
  • Other, more independent myopics strongly deny the existence of the triangle, claiming that the evidence presented is dubious at best.
  • Still others suggest that the triangle is perhaps a logical possibility, but that, because there is no definitive evidence, it would be senseless to believe it to exist, and that it’s potential existence has no personal implications apart from the warm swellings of emotion that are evoked by its contemplation, something anathema to their sense of intellectual integrity.

With each epoch, the myopics construct ever-improving spectacles that strengthen their eyesight by a few meters, but many believe that the ability to see over the mountain to the range of the possible triangle is not anywhere near.
So the emotional continue to affirm it and can actually hear the tinging of the triangle from their side of the mountian. The independents deny it, claiming the tinging to be a delusion. And others are comfortable ignoring the concept, citing a lack of objective evidence and subjective implications.

And then there are the Tetratriagonalists.

This sect of myopics posits that the triangle is square, fitting squarely into the square nature of myopics. They have an elaborate explanatory manual that details how the triangle is indeed square, and that also goes on to explain that myopics need this Tetratriagonon for salvation from the Lake of Pentagons (another concept found in the manual), for purpose (since the manual suggests that a subjective purpose just doesn’t cut it), and for the square root of infinity (a popular promise of the manual). Although the ontic is perhaps unparsimonious and feels a bit contrived, it is quite aligned with most emotions of the myopics.

Some rather arrogant myopics, upon hearing the notion of this Tetratriagonon, go so far as to suggests that the illogicality of the notion precludes its admission into any respectable discussion. Interestingly, the manual has specific passages that directly address this objection.

  • “The ways of the Tetratriagonon are not the ways of myopics.”
  • “Blessed are myopics who do not logically see, but still believe.”

So what must be sacrificed upon a belief in this concept of a Tetratriagonon that promises so many emotional returns? Only the dubious returns of intellectual integrity.

Any ideology that has at its core illogical notions such as are found in the following list can be dismissed as untrue without any need to explore its other claims.

  • Culpability for “sin” where there is nothing but the nature to “sin”.
  • Infinite punishment for finite “sin”.
  • Condemnation for “rejecting” an unknown source of salvation such as is the salvific Jesus among the condemned pagans of remote tribes.


2 thoughts on “The Mystery Of The Square Triangle

  1. Barak says:

    “Ask ye of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain; [so] the Lord shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field.” – Zechariah 10:1


    • Thanks Barak.
      Yes, add this to the list of inherent logical contradictions in the Bible. The people downstream the fields praying for safety from floods are ignored by god, a clear example of his reneging on his clear promises of answered prayer in a book claiming inerrancy. A promise to answer all competing petitions is logically inconsistent.

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