Angry Yellow Bridesmaids

yellowSo I’m dancing in at a club in central Tokyo the other day, minding my own undulating, when I notice a noisy Japanese wedding party walk in. All the bridesmaids fill splendid yellow dresses, while the bride is in cute lacy white. They are all merrily downing one champagne glass after another when suddenly the bride runs out to the dance floor, throws her arms over my shoulders, and plants the loveliest of kisses on my lips.

I’m slightly confused, but feeling quite accommodating, I respond with a passionate tilt. It was intended to be wholly congratulatory, but I admittedly may have gotten carried away. When I come up for air, I realize that a chaotic flock of screaming yellow bridesmaids is frantically prying and tugging in a desperate attempt to disentangle us.

Reluctantly I relinquish my grasp, and they all angrily drag the limp bride back within the safe perimeter of their tables while clucking their rebukes.

In retrospect, I now realize that it was not just a Japanese matrimonial custom. I’ll have to be more careful next time.


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