One Evening In Tokyo

saxHere I sit a bar called A971 in the middle of tokyo at 3:15 in the morning at one of the four public computers they have here. I spent most of the day grading tests, but around 7:30 pm, I headed to Super Deluxe to watch my buddy Q do his voo-funkin’-doo with a band called The Conductors. There was a whole lot of rocking the bootie boat for 2 hours with the most excellent funk band in Tokyo at the helm. During the intermission I chatted with persons from Ireland, New Zealand, Romania, England, The Philippines and Japan on topics ranging from art to philosophy.

I then stopped by Heartland bar where I’ll have my art exhibit next week featuring nude photos of my buddy Justin and his pretty friend, and chatted with a few friends there.

From there I headed over to A971 where I met several interesting girls, then had some enjoyable conversations with 3 Swiss guys, a couple American guys, 2 British guys, an older Japanese adventurer, and 3 Indian guys as we all viewed and flirted with the softer attractions.

I ended the evening in a discussion of religion with a Romanian Christian, a Tunisian Sunni, and a Iranian Shiite. No punches were thrown.

Now here I sit waiting for either the rain to stop so I can ride my bicycle home, or for the 1st train to start up around 5am. But I’m not tired, and there are a few persons here that look eccentric enough to generate a good discussion.

It is one of those nights that clarifies the reasons why I’ve been in Tokyo for 10 years. It would be difficult to experience another similar satisfying evening in such a culturally diverse and friendly environment anywhere else in the world.

Tokyo is truly one of a kind.


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