The Wages Of Faith

Girl from Wisconsin
(Madeline Kara Neumann)
Boy from Capernaum
A woman from Everest Wisconsin of extraordinary faith had a young daughter named Madeline who fell horribly ill. Unshaken, she took her concerns to Jesus with whom she had a personal relationship.

Though she had never seen Jesus work miracles, she trusted Jesus’s promise, for he had clearly said “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”
(Mark 11:24)

Now she could have doubted Jesus, especially since other less devout relatives had expressed doubts. But she did not even consider calling a hospital. No one could claim that she did not have the faith required for Jesus to keep his promise.

A man from Capernaum Galilee of extraordinary faith had a young son who fell horribly ill. Unshaken, he took his concerns to Jesus who he had heard was currently performing miracles in a nearby town.

Now though he had never met Jesus before, he honestly believed that Jesus could heal his son. When he asked Jesus to come and heal his son, Jesus looked at him and said “Go thy way; thy son liveth.”
(John 4:51)

Now this man could have easily doubted since he had never before met Jesus. However, without any further questions, he immediately turned and happily began his journey home. He surely had enormous faith in the promise of Jesus.

But sadly, the mother’s faith did eventually fail. When Madaline began to fall into a coma, her mother made a faithless call for an ambulance. It is not clear why she would lose her faith at the moment when Jesus could carry out his end of the bargain in the most spectacular way, but she, in a moment of godless doubt, picked up the phone and called 911.

Even on his way home, his faith did not waver. As he approached his home, his servants came out to greet him and informed him that his son was fully recovered. In fact, it was discovered that the boy had recovered the very hour that Jesus had given his promise.
Madeline is now dead.

However, Madeline’s mother has gloriously regained her faith and now believes that Jesus will resurrect Madeline from the dead. This time she is determined not to lose faith. Would that we all had such faith.

“Lazarus is dead” said Jesus.

For another exciting true story from the Bible, read the Gospel of John chapter eleven. I bet you can’t guess what happens!

For more precious promises from Jesus on prayer, read Matthew 21:21, Mark 11:24, John 14:12-14 and James 5:15-16.

But be warned! In spite of the clarity of these verses, wolves in sheep’s clothing will attempt, with hermeneutic gymnastics, to reinterpret these promises into powerless and meaningless emasculated gibberish. However, you’ll see that these verses are clear and have no other possible interpretation within their contexts; where there is faith and a prayer (especially for a dying child), there is the promised power of Jesus. If you deny the truth and power of these verses, you might as well disbelieve the whole Bible and join the miserable ranks of the godless.

The sarcasm of this entry was a bit acerbic, and does not really reflect the way I normally get along very well with persons of faith. And I also really have nothing against Jesus and think that we’d get along swell as I have many friends who think they are God.
On a more serious note, if you’d like to read about my deconversion from the delusion of faith, read this.
For an essay on faith, read this.


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