A Young Deconvert

deconvertLast week, a bright young former Evangelical who has recently garnered quite a bit of attention on Youtube invited viewers to send him questions. So I asked him “What emotional ties to Christianity made it most difficult to deconvert?” The following is a transcript of his response.

The sense of community is definitely number one.

I talked to my friend recently, and he asked me “Would you ever want to go back to Christianity if you could just forget all of the logic that you learned?”

I said “You know, no, but I can see why I’d be compelled…it would be a tough decision. Because you look at religion, and it provides so many answers to those tough questions.”

It provides immediate relief from the problem of death—the existential crisis. All of these are artificial, but it still does this, it provides purpose, identity, it provides community, there are a lot. I mean, religion—I’ll be honest—is an easy thing to sell, and for obvious reasons, but I am indebted I think to truth.

And so, while it was difficult, and while I had to give up all of those things—I had to give up the sense of community, the sense of ‘Oh it will all work out in the end’, when it might not, that was kind of difficult for me.

DrixDZanth is now studying to be a physician. He has many other videos worth watching.
The Source Video | His Deconversion Story | DrixDZanth’s Youtube Channel


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