Saving Sheep

sheepIf buying a $5 lottery ticket every day made someone you cared about happy, would you go out of your way to dissuade them from wasting their time and money?

I would. It’s not that I feel under any obligation to do so, but rather out of a deep sadness when speculating who that person could become if they only diverted that wasted time, money and cognitive resources towards education or self-improvement.

This is the attitude underpinning my efforts to encourage the relinquishing of ideological assumptions and the reassessment of commitments to a particular religious faith or ideology.

The secondary reason for confronting the absurdity of religion in particular is my anger at my own long beguiling by Christianity. This anger is not directed towards any one individual, but rather more towards the paralyzing cycle of fear and delusion endemic to the Christian perspective that had entrapped me for far too long. There are many kinds of Christians out there, some perhaps as kind as my atheist and Muslim friends. However, there are far too many who are intent on pulling others in behind the embroidered curtain of delusion simply to add a sense of validation to their own ill-founded faith. The result is a mind that is confined to a myopic perspective bent by bulbous god-goggles far inferior the perfectly good vision that unveils a godless reality.

Perhaps I’m just more euphoric about the freedoms of a healthy godless life than most due to the degree I was mired in Christianity. Perhaps the satisfaction of a godless life is, on average, merely marginally better than one of delusion. There may be real cases in which the delusion produces greater satisfaction than truth. I don’t attempt to dissuade everyone, but generally only focus my efforts on those who appear truly open-minded. But I’ll also, on occasion, direct a vitriolic diatribe of scornful argumentation at a more arrogant Christian from time to time for the sake of the observers on the periphery who I hope will come to understand the absurdity of the position of faith.

I have some infidel friends who suggest that sheep are needed to make the farm functional. As a former sheep, I have to take issue with that position. I’d much rather see individuals who are currently mowing the Biblical grass on all fours, stand up to assert their bipedal existentialism, walk upright though the front door of the ranch house of reality, and dine with the rest of us at the table of science and critical thinking.


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