Predicting the Past

time travelI have to defend her. Recently, psychic Sylvia Brown has received a lot of flack from the skeptics over her predictions. (Did the skeptics ever think to skepticize their own skepticism? I didn’t think so.)

One of her predictions for the next 100 years found on her website states “Robotic houses, controlled by computerized switchboard.” Now the skeptics have brought to our attention the fact that this type of house was actually functional LAST year! And they introduce this to disCOUNT Sylvia!

On the contrary, you kooky contrarians! Do you realize what this means? Well, think about it! The computerize houses existed last year. Sylvia made her prediction THIS year! There is only one logical explanation!

Time travel. Sylvia traveled back in time and actually SAW the PAST! The U.S. government has been forever secretly trying to keep their secret time-travel project secret. Now it’s out! Sylvia’s prediction is the smoking gun! What more proof could you possibly want?


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