Podcasts For 2009

Here is a list of some of the podcasts I subscribe to and have found to provide me with a fairly good balance of education and entertainment. Many of these podcasts challenge my thinking, and keep my old brain alive.


  • Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!:
    NPR’s high-brow humor show largely based on current news events.

  • The Onion Radio News:
    The number one source for disrespect.

  • The Skeptics Guide to the Universe:
    The podcast that I most anticipate every week. A group of 4 or 5 skeptics take on bad science and poor reasoning in many domains.

  • Reasonable Doubts:
    A skeptical podcast focusing on religion.

  • The Atheist Experience:
    Though I’m agnostic, the arguments presented here are quite informative.

  • ID The Future:
    This podcast is created by intelligent designers, and is a good source for the more sophisticated arguments (and fallacies) for the possibility of intelligent design.

  • Point Of Inquiry:
    A bit annoyingly agenda-laden, but great interviews on skepticism and critical thinking.

  • Skeptiod – A Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena:
    A short weekly podcast on many skeptical topics.

  • Philosophy Bites:
    Short podcasts on philosophers and general philosophical topics.

  • In Our Time:
    A quality BBC podcast on the history of ideas.

  • Brain Science Podcast:
    Ginger Campbell does an excellent job at making brain science accessible to simple minds such as my own. The topics range from anatomy to the philosophical implications of brain science.

  • The Naked Scientists:
    A podcast on general science topics.

  • NPR Science Friday Podcast:
    A quality podcast on science and its social implications.

  • Science Talk:
    The podcast from Scientific American magazine.

  • This American Life:
    True stories of human drama.

  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History:
    Unique commentaries on history, largely focusing on pivotal military conquests and leaders.

  • 60 Minutes:
    60 Minutes from CBS without the visual.

  • The Economist:
    A very good source of global news with informative commentary.

  • Escape Pod:
    My weekly fix of science fiction.

  • PRI Selected Shorts Podcast:
    Classic short stories read by actors.


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