Case Studies in Poor Reasoning

foldThis page will feature written, audio and video examples of poor reasoning, most of which are admittedly low-hanging fruit. I may annotate them later with the fallacies enumerated, but feel free to go though and identify them yourselves.

The Rainbow Conspiracy.

Creationist video with multiple fallacies.

Another Creationist video.

A quintessential video on the common Christian understanding of Science and Evolution

Youtube user mysticalforest struts his stuff.

Christian Video.

“The fact that you love law and justice shows that you believe man is made in god’s image.”

Clear Scriptural Evidence That Most Babies Will Burn In Hell.

Someone with “faith” that sees beyond biblical inconsistencies.

Video on the “Science” in the Bible.

A commentary on God and Science

wordpress user andj4613

An essay on science by a man named Richard Aberdeen

Click this link.

Christian arrogance at its worse

Youtube user “mysticalforest” personifies christian arrogance and intelligence

The Complete Implications of Atheism

The following transcript was sent to me by Youtube user ToLoveYou70x7 for a video he posted that seems to be no longer available.

First I’d like to say:
It is Impossible for God to Not Exist.
Come and be Saved through Jesus Christ.

Life was not an “accident” but was put into Place by God.

Things that appear accident to us are not accident in the
overall but just something “Allowed” to “Be” by God.

Because of Human Limitations we cannot Observe/know ALL,
ALL the Time.

This allows choice and chance to our Human perspectives.

Point 1:
Without God there are No Universal “Set” Morality/Rules
of right and wrong behavior.

Even though Atheism thinks life was an “accident”, it was

I will not go into full detail of this here but just continue
with where Atheism leads.

Conscience would be then just an “accident” and is completely
purposeless but you choose to ignore that or just don’t realize it.

The conscience is in your flesh and you either let it influence
you or try not to let it.

Either way your flesh is still in control even if you think you
are in control of controlling it.

With Atheism there is no right and wrong. All emotion/feeling
no matter how good or bad something feels leads to no true
correct right or wrong behavior in the
overall of things.

If someone wants to kill you and it makes them feel good then
ultimately there is nothing wrong with that.

The definition of love and right and wrong/etc. is based then
on a per person basis and a per person vs time basis.

A person through their life changes and so then what they think
is right and wrong can change also.

This is not a dependable system at all.

To put these choices of what is allowed and not allowed to a
very disturbed person could have dire consequences.

But of course this will not matter whatsoever without God as we
all end up dead anyway. We are going to die.

What purpose is there then to control your behavior? Man-made

Basically man-made laws are still people’s choices of right
and wrong behavior. Each nation/government has different laws.

Leaders are chosen by influence of people who have greater
control either by force or voting/etc.

Then it is the leader and/or the people’s choices on what is
right and wrong behavior. But as time changes people change.

Then there can be civil wars or a force of change in the system
or nation against nation or government against government.

This is why there will always be Nation against Nation/Person
against Person through Time. We do not Trust God but Ourselves.

There will always be a conflict of what is right and wrong
behavior without God because each has their own changing definition.

This is why there will always be wars and people against each
other always.

Point 2:

Your wants/needs are based directly on your own flesh which
atheists think “accidentally” came to be that is affected by your


Since your flesh was up to the environment to begin with then
what you formed as was out of your control.

What control you think you have is just influences of your
surroundings and you are never in control even if you think it.

Then All desires/wants/needs are just your flesh to force you
into an action/reaction.

Ex: You want to be rich/be famous/etc. You somehow learned or
taught yourself what was ‘good’ by influence outside and in flesh.

This goes for everything you can possibly imagine of what can
be desired/hated/needed/wanted/etc. All Ending in pointlessness.

Your body is what “gave” you the desire to go out and try and
get rich/get fame/etc.

Feelings are actually completely pointless as all ends in death
and there is no purpose at all.

When is smart, smart enough? When is strong, strong enough? Why
do we keep feeling that we need to strive for better?

There is actually completely no point without God because you
will just die anyway. But there is a God.

If we want to get implants and genetically enhance ourselves/abilities
(intelligence, cosmetic, strength, etc) then this also is a form
of control by our bodies of its desires.

What is good enough? It is only this drive by our own flesh that
makes us continue striving for something.

What if we realize this and decide let’s remove this desire by
changing our own minds/flesh?

It is still our own bodies that give us desire to desire to stop
a desire.

In the future where we go ultimately (if without God) would be
just “accident” and to go wherever our bodies tell us to go/do.

Point 3:

If you think life came from rock/etc then you would have to love
that rock instead or also than just your wife/child/friend/etc.

Because if it was not for the rock/etc then you would never have
“love” nor your wife/child/friend/etc.

But Science cannot pinpoint these origins of life without God.
How do you prove God exists with his own Creation?

You first have to say there is no God then try and prove God with
his own Creation.

Science tries to explain things without God, which is likely why
it confuses/pushes people away from God.

But You do have Purpose and are Greatly Loved by God.

Point 4:
Origins of Life vs Atheism:

You came into this universe with a “start” of awareness, then going
through a processes of learning.

Do you really think that you can Observe/Know ALL? You are only
learning through time of things that God Already Fully Knows.

Science tries to explain things without God even though we are IN
God’s Creation.

Things are predictable and things that seem not is only due
to human limitation of not being able to observe and know all.

All learning and science follows these links of predictability
(which is what each change is ultimately).

But Link of Predictability is made of differentiality,
stuff/material,and change which can not be known scientifically.

We can Never understand why there is “Stuff/Matter”, “Change”,
or “Differences” which makes up Link of Predictability.

And since all Learning and Science is based on Link of Predictability
then we can Never know Anything in it’s completeness.

We can only observe/interact/experience/remember something. This
is our human limitation.

All Science/Learning can do is follow the Link of Predictability. Just
following cause and effect over and over again.

Even if there was something outside Big Bang Theory we would still
use the same Link of Predictability System.

In Regards to the Origins of Life:

Because Science/Learning links all things together in this way then
ALL would have to contribute to the Origins of Life, not just a point
in time and place.

Since things affect each other then ALL affects ALL, ALL the Time.

Therefore a point in 3-d space of something changes according to all
around it.

Unless there was actually an “Absolute Nothing” (also meaning no
Time/change) around that “something” considered to be the Origin of Life.

But then that would mean that things can get simple to complex by
themselves meaning then also that something can come from absolute

Which means we have to go completely against the very Science we
started with using initially to get to this point of understanding
in order to learn a new way of reasoning to come to this idea, which
in itself is illogical to do.

You have to continue with how you began to reason something and not
change the system of reasoning you use while in the process of reasoning
that “something”/idea, otherwise you go against the very system of
reasoning you were using and so having error in your reasoning.

In this case we start and must continue using the system of the idea
that “something comes from something” and so also being “simple cannot
come into complexity by itself” in the system of “Link of Predictability”
which all learning and Science is based on and has to be based on;
there is no choice. Otherwise you will just be making stuff up.

Basically you just cannot comprehend something without Link of
Predictability. That is our Human Limitation.

So therefore the Origin of Life cannot be comprehended especially
since we cannot even fully comprehend the Link of Predictability
itself which is our very learning system. We can only
observe/interact/experience/remember a “something”. We were not meant
to Completely Know Something.

SO because there is no pinpoint of Origins of Life, then you could
say that any “something” that was before Life is where Life itself
came from because ALL at that time affected that point which allowed
Life. So I could say it was a rock in the past before life came to
be that allowed Life to come to be, because it played a part in being
a contribution to the allowance of life.

So to say there is no God means that this is the other option you
have in saying what the Origin of Life is. You could say that Life
Originated from a rock in the past before life and Ultimately be Correct.

This is the flaw in all Learning/Science. Ultimately this is where
it all comes down to as all just links all together this way.

You were not meant to know ALL. Only God can know ALL. We were
supposed to Trust in the one who knows ALL.

It stands to reason that if something simple cannot come into
complexity by itself, then awareness did not come into existence
by itself but by an Infinite Completely Sovereign Awareness, God which
is known from the Holy Bible New and Old Testament. God is the Source
of ALL.

Come to Jesus Christ and Be Saved.


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